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Mr. Michael Gregg is the CEO of Superior Solutions, Inc. (www.thesolutionfirm.com), a Houston based IT security consulting firm.  His organization performs security assessments and penetration testing for fortune 1000 firms. He has more than 20 years experience in the IT field.  He is an expert on cyber security, networking, and Internet technologies.  He has earned multiple degrees and presently maintains the following certifications:  CISSP, CISA, CISM, MCSE, MCT, CTT+, A+, N+, Security+, CNA, CCNA, CCE, CEH, CHFI, CEI, and SSCP.   Michael has authored/co-authored more than twenty books.  

Michael is an adjunct instructor for a Villanova University and the University of West Georgia. He has also led the development of many training classes, courses, and programs used by training vendors, developers, colleges, and universities, some include: Advanced Security Boot Camp, Ethical Hacking, Professional Hacking Boot Camp, Inside Risk Assessment, Introduction to Network Security, Mastering Security, CISA Prep Class, and Advanced Security Concepts.  He is also an Expert Q&A for TechTarget.com web sites including SearchNetworking, SearchMobilNetworking, and SearchSMB.  He has testified before U.S. Congress and for the State of Missouri. He writes for Huffington Post and other online publications. 

Omar Santos is an active member of the security community, where he leads several industry-wide initiatives and standard bodies. His active role helps businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants that are dedicated to increasing the security of the critical infrastructure. Omar is the author of several best-selling books, white papers, articles, and security configuration guidelines and best practices. Omar is a Principal Engineer of Cisco’s Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) where he mentors and lead engineers and incident managers during the investigation and resolution of security vulnerabilities. You can follow Omar on Twitter: @santosomar or visit his website at: http://omarsantos.io