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Mastering the TCP and OSI Models
Aug 31, 2011
This article provides you with a primer on the TCP and OSI models and presents some tricks to help remember them.
To Route or Not to Route: A Day in the Life of a Router
Aug 31, 2011
A lot goes into the decision process regarding routing, and it happens long before a packet arrives at the router for its turn to be forwarded. In this article, the author takes a close look at a day in the life of the router.
What Happens in the VLAN Stays in the VLAN
Aug 31, 2011
Discover the secrets of the VLAN and why it is a critical tool in today's networks.
Mastering Access Control Lists
Jul 13, 2011
This article discusses the various types of Access Control Lists (ACLs), the implicit deny all feature, the importance of order, and assigning ACLs as filters.
Troubleshooting Along the OSI Model
Jul 11, 2011
The CCENT and CCNA exams test your knowledge of the first four layers of the OSI model. This article outlines the OSI model, the functions of layer 1 through 4, and how these layers affects the network.
Wendell Odom on CCNA Self-Study Preparation
Jun 24, 2011
Cisco Press author Wendell Odom offers self-study suggestions to CCNA candidates.
The Explosion of Cybercrime
May 23, 2011
This article provides an overview of various types of cyber crime, including cyber extortion, botnets, morphing malware, and online fraud.
(Video) Exam Profile - Cisco CCENT/CCNA ICND1 640-822
Apr 26, 2011
The ICND1 exam is the single step toward achieving the Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT) certification, and is the first step toward the CCNA. Find out what you can expect to see on the exam and how you can better prepare for it.
The Portable Command Guide Series: What Is It, and Why Should I Buy a Book from It?
Apr 12, 2011
Scott Empson offers an inside view of the "Portable Command Guide Series" and introduces the series features.
Basic Access List Configuration for Cisco Devices
Apr 4, 2011
This article discusses the basic concepts of how ACLs work and shows how a basic ACL is configured.
Pros and Cons of Classroom and Online Training for Certification Prep
Jan 10, 2011
In this article, you’ll learn how to assess cert prep training, and how to choose what’s right for you and your budget.
Using Practice Exams for Study and Preparation
Jan 10, 2011
In this article, you’ll take a look at several different ways practice exams can aid in helping candidates prepare to take and pass certification exams.
Overall Certification Preparation Overview
Dec 27, 2010
This article will explore some common certification exam preparation activities and how they can benefit certification candidates.
Cisco Learning Games: More than Just Entertainment
Nov 23, 2010
In this article, you’ll take a look at some eye-opening information that shows just how effective learning games can be for increasing retention and improving skills.
An Ideal IT Internetworking Professional
Nov 15, 2010
In this article, you’ll take a look at relevant certifications, technical skills and knowledge, higher education, and subject matter expertise of greatest interest to employers hiring IT internetworking professionals.
An Ideal Network Administrator
Nov 3, 2010
In this article, you'll take a look at relevant certifications, technical skills and knowledge, higher education, and subject matter expertise of greatest interest to employers seeking to hire network administrators.
Networking Certification Roundup
Oct 15, 2010
IT certification expert and Anderson College professor Emmett Dulaney describes both vendor-neutral and vendor-specific networking certification options and offers tips for exam preparation.
Interview with Cisco Certification Expert Wendell Odom About the New CCNP Route 642-902 Exam and the CCNA Exams
May 21, 2010
In this interview Cisco certification expert Wendell Odom takes you on a brief tour of the new CCNP ROUTE exam, talks about preparation resources and his blog, and wraps up with a discussion of CCNA exam preparation tips.
Training Never Goes Out of Fashion: An Interview with Wendell Odom
Jun 9, 2009
Linda Leung talks with Wendell Odom about what people these days really think about the classes, the exams, and the whole idea of certification.
31 Days Before Your CCNA Exam: Connecting Switches and Ethernet Technology
Apr 15, 2009
Allan Johnson provides late study tips and resources for Ethernet and switching topics on the CCNA 640-802 exam.

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