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What Types of Questions Can You Expect to See on Microsoft Exams?
Apr 13, 2011
This article explains the various types of questions that Microsoft uses on their certification exams.
What You Need to Know About Troubleshooting Group Policy to Pass a Microsoft Exam
Apr 13, 2011
David Leaver offers some tips for being prepared for troubleshooting group policies in Microsoft exams.
The Portable Command Guide Series: What Is It, and Why Should I Buy a Book from It?
Apr 12, 2011
Scott Empson offers an inside view of the "Portable Command Guide Series" and introduces the series features.
Exam Profile: MCTS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring (70-667)
Apr 7, 2011
Brien Posey profiles the 70-667 TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring exam. Find out what you can expect to see on the exam and how you can better prepare for it.
What You Need to Know About DNS to Pass a Microsoft Exam
Apr 7, 2011
David Leaver breaks down the topic of DNS to highlight important features that Microsoft will expect you to know when taking their exams.
MCTS Exam Cram: Configuring Windows Firewall and Windows Defender
Apr 6, 2011
This chapter focuses on sharing files so users can access files from a Windows 7 computer over the network safely and securely.
Windows 7 and 64-Bit Virtualization
Apr 5, 2011
Zubair Alexander examines Microsoft’s solutions for virtualization and the issues that are arising around the support of virtualization in Windows 7.
Microsoft's Unstated Exam Prerequisites
Mar 31, 2011
This article discusses the general background knowledge that you need to have before attempting to take a Microsoft certification exam.
The Definitive Guide to SharePoint 2010 Certification
Mar 15, 2011
Scott Jamison reviews the entire range of exams and certifications for Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010.
Senior-level Certification: IT Architect Credentials Can Open Career Doors
Feb 23, 2011
Ed Tittel takes a look at the value of IT Architect credentials for senior IT professionals who still seek opportunities to grow and advance.
Trends in IT Certification: Virtualization
Feb 23, 2011
Ed Tittel examines current trends in the virtualization certification space.
Understanding The Microsoft Certified Master Program
Feb 23, 2011
Ed Tittel offers some insights into what is involved in pursuing this elite certification program.
Microsoft Security-Related Certifications
Feb 14, 2011
Ed Tittel takes a look at how Microsoft is handling security in its credentials and what you can do to complement their certs with other security certs.
Upgrading Your Certification to Windows Server 2008 R2
Feb 14, 2011
This article provides a roadmap for the addition of R2 to Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008 certification exams.
Exam Profile: MCTS 70-642: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring
Feb 7, 2011
This article explores the objectives and offers other tips in preparation for the 70-642: TS: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring exam.
Exam Profile: MCTS 70-648: Upgrading from Windows Server 2003 MCSA to Windows Server 2008
Feb 7, 2011
This article explores the objectives and offers other tips in preparation for the Microsoft’s 70-648 exam.
MCTS 70-640 Cert Guide: Installing Active Directory Domain Services
Feb 2, 2011
This chapter includes topics covering installing Active Directory Domain Services to help you prepare for the MCTS 70-640 exam.
A Guide to Microsoft Project Certification
Dec 20, 2010
Learn about Microsoft’s Enterprise project Management (EPM) offerings and their related certifications.
Virtualization Certification Roundup
Dec 8, 2010
As virtualization has permeated the workplace, the need to authenticate skills with it has also developed. There are a number of virtualization certifications available, and this article examines the most popular among them.
MCTS 70-680 Cert Guide: Upgrading to Windows 7
Dec 7, 2010
This chapter covers the processes of upgrading to Windows 7 from a previous version of Windows, migrating from Windows XP, and upgrading from one edition of Windows 7 to another — all in the context of what you need to know to pass the MCTS 70-680 exam.

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