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The Critical Reading Section in the New SAT: Sentence Completions
May 6, 2005
Whether you're preparing for the SAT or just looking to brush up on your critical reading skills, this sample chapter will help you make sure that you understand precisely what is being said in any given piece of writing.
General Test-Taking Strategies for the Postal Clerk and Carrier Exam
Mar 4, 2005
This sample chapter offers general advice on preparing for an exam, irrespective of the content. Included are ways to relax, confidence-boosting exercises, and simple things you might forget, like making sure to take the weather into account so you aren't late.
Review Questions for the Series 7 Securities Licensing Exam: The Secondary Market
Feb 25, 2005
This chapter includes sample questions from the Series 7 Securities Licensing Exam, with detailed answers to help you study.
Property and Casualty Insurance License Exam Cram: Insurance Company Organization and Regulation
Feb 18, 2005
With an eye towards passing the Property and Casualty Insurance License Exam, this chapter discusses the major types of insurance organizations, and provides sample questions to help you practice.
Expanding Your Vocabulary for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Exam
Feb 11, 2005
If you are preparing for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Exam, you will need a healthy vocabulary. This chapter will help you to expand your vocabulary by gaining a deeper understanding of the mechanics of language.
Becoming a Skilled Observer: Police Officer Exam Cram
Feb 4, 2005
The ability to observe and retain information is potentially the most vital skill that a police officer can possess. This chapter will help you prepare for the Police Officer Exam by providing pointers on organizing and retaining information for easier recall. Sample questions are included to help you practice.
Project Planning for the PMP Exam — Core Processes
Nov 24, 2004
This chapter provides sample questiosn from the PMP Exam with a focus on the topic of Project Planning for core processes.
PMP Exam Cram: Project Initiation
Jan 16, 2004
David Francis and Greg Horine deliver the "gotta-know" concepts and terms that are important to PMI, and the "common" gaps you may need to close to be ready for the exam questions related to project initiation.

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