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Planning and Configuring vSphere Networking
Oct 11, 2012
Bill Ferguson covers configuring vSphere standard switches in this excerpt from The Official VCP5 Certification Guide.
Security Certifications: Required Versus Recommended Experience
Jan 23, 2012
For some, acertification is the person’s career-starter. For them, there is a welcome difference between required experience and recommended experience. This article gives pros and cons through example certifications.
Security Metrics Development and Implementation Based on NIST Directives
Jan 17, 2011
IT Security Professionals and CISSP exam candidates find the field of Risk Management and Security Metrics tough to navigate. Read what world renowned Security and CISSP expert, Shon Harris, has to say about security metrics in the fifth of a five-part article series.
Senior-level Certification: IT Architect Credentials Can Open Career Doors
Feb 23, 2011
Ed Tittel takes a look at the value of IT Architect credentials for senior IT professionals who still seek opportunities to grow and advance.
Ten Tips for Passing the ITIL V3 Foundation Exam
Aug 24, 2010
Nervous about taking the ITIL V3 Foundation Exam? Whether you’ve taken an ITIL class or chosen the self-study route, try these tips and tricks from Certified ITIL Expert Jill Knapp, author of ITIL V 3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor, to boost your confidence as well as your score.
The CISSP Video Mentor
Jul 25, 2011
Tim Warner introduces the CISSP Video Mentor computer-based training (CBT) product, authored by the legendary information security trainer and consultant Shon Harris.
The Current State of Botnets
May 2, 2011
This article provides an overview of the current state of recruiting zombies, botnet sizes and actions, and how to detect botnets.
The Dangers of Phishing
May 2, 2011
Due to its wide use, several security exams include questions covering phishing including the CompTIA Security+ exam, the (ISC)2 SSCP, and the (ISC)2 CISSP. This article covers phishing formats, characteristics, and variants.
The Explosion of Cybercrime
May 23, 2011
This article provides an overview of various types of cyber crime, including cyber extortion, botnets, morphing malware, and online fraud.
The Ideal Security Professional
Nov 8, 2010
In this article you’ll take a look at relevant certifications, technical skills and knowledge, higher education, and subject matter expertise of greatest interest to employers of security professionals.
Trends in IT Certification: Virtualization
Feb 23, 2011
Ed Tittel examines current trends in the virtualization certification space.
Understanding The Security Triad (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability)
May 27, 2011
This article provides an overview of common means to protect against loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
Understanding the Three Factors of Authentication
Jun 6, 2011
This article provides you with good understanding of the three factors of authentication and how they can be used together with multifactor authentication.
VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide: Introduction to Technical Design
Aug 20, 2013
To help you prepare for the VCAP5-DCD exam, this section explains what a technical design is and why it is important to the end solution, what happens at each stage of the technical design process, and what should be produced as part of a technical design.
VCP4 VMWare Certified Professional Exam Cram: Managing vSphere Resources
Apr 7, 2011
This chapter covers resource management, the single most important component of designing and maintaining your virtual infrastructure, in a VMware Infrastructure 3 environment.
VCP5-DT Official Cert Guide: Optimizing the Operating System
Aug 21, 2013
Optimizing storage resources when virtualizing a desktop is a critical step in ensuring proper performance. This chapter explains several optimization methods covered on the VMware VCP5-DT exam.
VCP-Cloud Official Cert Guide: Allocating and Managing vCloud Resources
Nov 4, 2013
To help you prepare for the VCP5-Cloud Exam, this chapter covers not only how to configure new enduser resource allocation models, but also their proper usage. It explores the relationship between allocation models and vCenter Server configuration changes.
Virtualization Certification Roundup
Dec 8, 2010
As virtualization has permeated the workplace, the need to authenticate skills with it has also developed. There are a number of virtualization certifications available, and this article examines the most popular among them.
VMWare Certified Professional vSphere 4 (VCP-410) Exam Prep Resource Guide
Feb 16, 2011
Ed Tittel explores the many resources available and offers advice for preparing for the VMWare cSphere 4 certification exam.
What Do CISSPs Really Know?
Jun 4, 2010
Bestselling CISSP author and trainer Shon Harris explains the importance of thoroughly understanding CISSP topics, both for exam preparation and for your career.

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