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CCNP Security Firewall Cert Guide: Configuring ASA Interfaces
By David Hucaby
Oct 24, 2012
This chapter covers the following topics from the 642-618 exam objectives: Configuring Physical Interfaces, Configuring VLAN Interfaces, Configuring Interface Security Parameters, Configuring the Interface MTU, and Verifying Interface Operation.
Deploying Cisco ASA AnyConnect Remote-Access SSL VPN Solutions
Oct 19, 2012
This chapter shows how to deploy and manage client-based Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) virtual private networks (VPN) on Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) as the VPN gateway using AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client software.
CCNP Wireless: QoS for Wireless Applications
Oct 18, 2012
This chapter introduces the concepts of wireless Quality of Service and their related configuration in preparation for the 642-742 IUWVN exam.
CCNP Wireless Quick Reference: How to Collect Information for the Wireless Site Survey
Jun 13, 2012
Conducting a wireless site survey is the final step of a carefully planned journey. This chapter helps you prepare for this site survey by listing the pieces of information that you need to collect before meeting your customer and planning the survey itself.
CCNP: The Inner Workings of EtherChannel
Jan 23, 2012
In this article, we examine this Layer 2 technology for bundling physical links together. This article covers all important points that any CCNP candidate should be aware of as they pursue certification and/or success in network implementations.
Private VLAN Concepts and Configuration
Dec 13, 2011
A private VLAN offers another level of security that enables an organization to further secure VLAN ports. This article takes a look at this feature, its functionality and how it can be configured on Cisco equipment.
CCNP: Troubleshooting OSPF
Nov 14, 2011
In this article, Anthony Sequeira discusses basic troubleshooting steps for the complex, link-state routing protocol Open Shortest Path First (OSPF).
CCNP: Dynamic Trunk Protocol (DTP)
Aug 31, 2011
In this article, we will examine the details of the Dynamic Trunk Protocol (DTP) and teach you everything you need to know about it for production networks, as well as the Cisco Certification exam environment.
To Route or Not to Route: A Day in the Life of a Router
Aug 31, 2011
A lot goes into the decision process regarding routing, and it happens long before a packet arrives at the router for its turn to be forwarded. In this article, the author takes a close look at a day in the life of the router.
What Happens in the VLAN Stays in the VLAN
Aug 31, 2011
Discover the secrets of the VLAN and why it is a critical tool in today's networks.
Working with Protocol Analyzers and Related Certifications
Aug 30, 2011
Ed Tittel, creator of the Exam Cram series, discusses the current network protocol analyzers that any real expert needs to know. Who exactly counts as an "expert?" Ed also sorts out which of the many available certifications are really useful in identifying true masters of protocol analysis.
Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Part 2 (CCNP Voice): Examining Remote-Site Redundancy Options
Aug 25, 2011
This chapter provides an overview of the different options with remote-site redundancy in CUCM multisite installations.
CCNP Security VPN Cert Guide: Configuring Policies, Inheritance, and Attributes
Aug 24, 2011
This chapter looks at the methods available for policy assignment in real-life scenarios and reviews how these policy methods work together if more than one is assigned to a user through the inheritance mode.
CCNP: Troubleshooting EIGRP
Aug 3, 2011
In this article, we will examine the art of Troubleshooting EIGRP, a key topic for CCNP certification. This article will begin by reviewing key information we should keep in mind about the protocol or its proper implementation and troubleshooting, and then specific scenarios will be illustrated. The article will also provide specific command guidance and usage.
CCNP Security IPS 642-627 Official Cert Guide: Network IPS Traffic Analysis Methods, Evasion Possibilities, and Anti-evasive Countermeasures
Jul 18, 2011
This chapter covers the various methods used for traffic analysis using a network IPS sensor, the various evasion techniques used by attackers to bypass detection & filtering while understanding the benefits and limitations of each method to assess the risk of evasion, and the various countermeasures, tools, and choosing the best approach based on the methods used by attackers.
Spanning Tree Protocol Concepts and Configuration
Jul 13, 2011
This article takes a look at some of the basic STP concepts and reviews the configuration required to deploy STP on a switch.
CCNP TSHOOT 642-832 Cert Kit: Sample Video
Jul 12, 2011
This sample, from CCNP TSHOOT 642-832 Cert Kit, covers Spanning Tree Troubleshooting.
CCNP SWITCH 642-813 Cert Kit: Sample Video
Jul 11, 2011
This sample, from CCNP SWITCH 642-813 Cert Kit, shows how to set up VLANs.
Routing Video Mentor: Sample Video
Jul 8, 2011
This lab, from Routing Video Mentor introduces the concept of routing, discusses administrative distance, identifies when static routes might be used, and demonstrates the configuration of static routes.
CCNP Security IPS 642-627 Quick Reference: Installation of a Typical Sensor
Jun 13, 2011
Gary Halleen outlines the installation of a typical Cisco IPS sensor.

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