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Busting Through the Myths About the CISSP Exam
May 19, 2010
This article by bestselling author and trainer Shon Harris discusses the importance of learning the CISSP material, not just cramming for the exam.
CCNP Security vs. CCSP
Feb 9, 2011
Ed Tittel explains the differences in Cisco’s security certifications and how to migrateyour CCSP credentials to the new CCNP Security credential.
Choosing the Right Security Certifications for You
Feb 16, 2011
Ed Tittel compares some of the most popular security certifications.
Cisco AAA Configuration
Jan 20, 2011
Sean Wilkins reviews Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) security functionality and shows some basic configurations which can be used to solve problems on the network.
CISSP Cert Guide: Telecommunications and Network Security
Dec 17, 2013
Prepare for the Telecommunications and Network Security section of the CISSP Certification exam.
CISSP Continuing Education Requirements
Apr 20, 2011
Popular certifications such as the CISSP, CISA and CISM require the holder to obtain continuing professional education credits or CPEs. This article helps you understand why and from where to grab CPEs for your certification.
CISSP Exam Cram: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
Jun 8, 2009
This chapter covers the steps that make up the business continuity plan process to pass the business continuity and disaster recovery domain portion of the CISSP exam.
CISSP Exam Cram: Security Architecture and Models
Feb 4, 2013
This chapter introduces the trusted computer base and the ways in which systems can be evaluated to assess the level of security to help you prepare for the CISSP exam.
CISSP Practice Questions: Application Security
Jun 8, 2009
This chapter provides sample questions (with answers and explanations) to help you prepare for the CISSP exam.
CISSP Practice Questions: Software Development Security
Nov 8, 2012
This chapter gives you some specific areas of knowledge to be familiar with for the CISSP exam and provides sample questions to test your familiarity with those areas.
CISSP Security Management and Practices
Dec 20, 2002
This sample chapter covers Domain 3, Security Management Practices, 1 of 10 domains of the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) covered in the Certified Information Systems Security Professional Examination.
CISSP Security-Management Practices
Oct 28, 2005
This chapter provides an overview of security management with an eye towards passing the CISSP exam, including sample questions with detailed answers to help you prepare.
Comparing CISA and CISM in the Real World
Jun 1, 2011
CISA and CISM target different professionals and offer different promises for people on different career paths. This article clarifies the differences between the two certifications and why you would choose one over the other.
Complementing Your Cisco Security Certifications with Vendor-Neutral Security Certifications
Feb 9, 2011
Ed Tittel takes a look at select vendor-neutral information security certifications that make great counterparts to Cisco security certs.
Exam Profile: (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
Apr 12, 2011
In this article, Darril Gibson profiles the CISSP exam. Find out what you can expect to see on the exam and how you can better prepare for it.
Exploring Common Web Server Attacks
Jun 1, 2011
This article describes provides some basics on attacks including denial of service (DoS), distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks, SYN flood, ping flood, port scan, sniffing attacks, and social engineering attacks.
Making Sense of Risk Management in the IT Security Field: Risk Management and Security Series, Part II
Jun 11, 2010
In this second of an ongoing article series, world-renowned security expert Shon Harris discusses the importance of selling security services and products based on real and meaningful statistics and metrics.
Physical Security in the CISSP Exam
Dec 10, 2004
This chapter provides sample questions from the CISSP exam with a focus on physical security, including extensive explanations for the correct answers.
Security Certifications: Required Versus Recommended Experience
Jan 23, 2012
For some, acertification is the person’s career-starter. For them, there is a welcome difference between required experience and recommended experience. This article gives pros and cons through example certifications.
Security Metrics Development and Implementation Based on NIST Directives
Jan 17, 2011
IT Security Professionals and CISSP exam candidates find the field of Risk Management and Security Metrics tough to navigate. Read what world renowned Security and CISSP expert, Shon Harris, has to say about security metrics in the fifth of a five-part article series.

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