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Answer Review Questions

1. Andre was running late for work and left his security badge in his car. Rather than take the time to return to his car and be late, he waited by the outer door and walked in behind another employee. The other employee was unsure of who Andre was and was irritated with him for following so closely, so she didn’t allow Andre to follow her through the inner door to work. He had to return to his car for the badge. What two security concepts were involved in this scenario? (Choose two.)

  • a. Security guard

  • b. Tailgating

  • c. Mantrap

  • d. Shoulder surfing

2. Alexa was working her shift in the server room when an alarm went off on a server belonging to a vendor from another company. She was unable to get to the reset button on the server. What likely prevented her from accessing the server whose alarm was going off?

  • a. Lack of a key fob

  • b. Rack-level security

  • c. Lack of authentication

  • d. Privacy screen

3. Match the type of malware to its description.


Type of Malware

1. Infects and rewrites files. Replicates automatically with no user intervention.


2. A method of hiding malware from detection programs.


3. Tracks web browsing; uses pop-ups to attract a user’s attention.


4. Encrypts target files and then demands payment to unencrypt files.


5. Infects and rewrites files. Replicates itself if a user executes the file.


Answer options:

  • a. Spyware

  • b. Virus

  • c. Worm

  • d. Rootkit

  • e. Ransomware

4. As an IT professional, you should be sure to employ security best practices. Which of the following is not a best practice?

  • a. Strong passwords for user accounts

  • b. Antivirus/malware protection

  • c. Changing the default password on a WAP

  • d. WEP encryption

5. Which of the following is generally the most difficult form of security for a malicious hacker to overcome?

  • a. Firewall

  • b. Encryption

  • c. Biometrics

  • d. Physical lock and key

6. Biometrics includes the use of which of the following? (Choose all that apply.)

  • a. Fingerprint scan

  • b. RFID

  • c. Retinal scan

  • d. Token

7. Which of the following is not a type of token?

  • a. Key fob

  • b. Cable lock

  • c. RFID card

  • d. Smart card

8. Which of the following is a program that either blocks or allows data packets to be delivered to network addresses?

  • a. DHCP server

  • b. Key fob

  • c. Firewall

  • d. Network server

9. Which of the following is a characteristic of a strong password? (Choose all that apply.)

  • a. No more than six characters

  • b. Lowercase only

  • c. Use of symbols

  • d. Use of numbers

10. Mike was called to a workstation that was running slowly. After interviewing the user and asking about recent activity, Mike determined that the user had opened a fake email and reset his password. Which of the following was the user most likely involved in?

  • a. Tailgating

  • b. Dumpster diving

  • c. Phishing

  • d. Shoulder surfing

11. Fred determined that encryption was the best solution for keeping his USB flash drive safe while on the road. Which security product would satisfy this need?

  • a. Recovery Console

  • b. Single Sign-on (SSO)

  • c. BitLocker To Go

  • d. USB 3 Lockup

12. Ellen, who works at home as an accountant, noticed her wireless network slowing and wondered if neighbors had started using her network for streaming. Which security practices can she employ to ensure that neighbors don’t gain access to her network and that her clients’ files are protected? (Choose two.)

  • a. Change the default IP address on the default gateway.

  • b. Change the network name and disable the SSID broadcast.

  • c. Use MAC address filtering.

  • d. Change the Netflix password.

13. Jen has been tasked with repurposing laptops used by the human resources department. What can she do to make sure important personnel information cannot be compromised?

  • a. Overwrite

  • b. Low-level format

  • c. Standard format

  • d. Drive wipe

14. Hiro is able to log into his account at work but can’t see the work his team is doing for an advertising client. He didn’t have any trouble before he went on vacation. What is a reasonable explanation for this problem?

  • a. Share permissions were updated while he was gone.

  • b. Hiro was locked out due to inactivity

  • c. It took Hiro three tries to log into his computer, and his permissions were suspended after the second attempt.

  • d. The boss thought Hiro was leaving the company, so his account was disabled.

15. Victoria was updating a computer from another office and realized she needed to change the UEFI settings. Unfortunately, the UEFI BIOS was password protected, and the motherboard had no reset buttons or jumpers, as she was used to seeing. What should she do?

  • a. Scrap the motherboard because control of the BIOS/UEFI is essential.

  • b. Unplug the computer overnight.

  • c. Remove the CMOS battery, go to lunch, and replace the batter after eating.

  • d. Change the CPU jumpers.

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