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Practice Questions for Objective 1.2

  1. The values 47.67, 8.21, and .7352 are examples of which of the following?

    1. Floats

    2. Integers

    3. Boolean

    4. strings

  2. Which of the following is true about a float?

    1. A float is a 64-bit, single-precision data type.

    2. It has at least seven digits.

    3. It has at least one decimal point.

    4. It cannot be expressed using powers of two.

  3. When multiplying a number that is greater than zero (0) by a negative exponent, which of the following is correct about the result?

    1. The result is a negative number.

    2. The number of decimals equals the number in the exponent.

    3. The result is a positive number.

    4. The digits in the original value are never present in the answer.

  4. You are creating a Boolean search that is looking for information that matches both of your search terms. Which of the following do you use between the terms?

    1. AND

    2. LIKE

    3. OR

    4. NOT

  5. Which of the following equations is correct?

    1. IF x=4 OR y=4, then x<>4

    2. IF x=0 AND y<0, then x>y

    3. IF a≠b OR b≠c, then a=c

    4. IF NOT a=b, then b=c

  6. Which of the following is true about the char data type?

    1. It can only be used for calculation.

    2. It can represent a variable.

    3. It cannot be used for calculation.

    4. It can occupy more than one byte.

  7. You are attempting to enter the phrase “wide world of sports” into a data entry field that can only accept 12 characters. Which of the following is what you will see when you enter this text?

    1. wide world o

    2. ld of sports

    3. wide sports

    4. de world of

  8. Which of the following is an int?

    1. Lincoln

    2. 3.14159

    3. 84

    4. 4/3

  9. Which of the following orders would you use at the Boolean Hamburger stand if you want to get a burger with pickle and ketchup but no mustard or onions?

    1. Burger AND pickle AND ketchup OR mustard OR onions

    2. Burger AND pickle NOT ketchup OR mustard OR onions

    3. Burger AND mustard OR onions NOT ketchup OR pickle

    4. Burger AND ketchup AND pickle NOT mustard NOT onions

  10. You are specifying a data entry system that needs to have enough room for a user to enter a phone number, including area code. The data entry app will automatically put in the parentheses and dashes as needed. Which of the following specifications will allow correct telephone number data entry?

    1. Ten alphanumeric characters

    2. Fourteen numeric characters

    3. Eleven numeric characters

    4. Twelve alphanumeric characters

  11. Which data type refers to a single character or a single-character variable?

    1. Strings

    2. Numbers

    3. Char

    4. Boolean

  12. Which type of logic is used to determine if a circuit is charged or on (1) or not charged or off (0)?

    1. Integers

    2. Strings

    3. Floats

    4. Boolean

  13. Which of the following can be expressed using powers of ten or powers of two?

    1. Boolean

    2. Floats

    3. Strings

    4. Char

  14. If a string has a length of 11 characters and you attempt to enter more than 11 characters, the last characters will be left off. What is this called?

    1. Truncation

    2. Boolean logic

    3. Char overflow

    4. Floating-point

  15. What are numbers with floating-point decimals that contain more than seven digits and up to 15 digits total known as?

    1. Logic gate

    2. 64-bit single precision

    3. Double or double-precision

    4. Boolean algebra

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