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Pearson IT Certification is a leader in IT Certification learning solutions, with a long tradition of delivering proven learning tools and educational training materials that have helped instructors teach, students learn, and certification exam candidates succeed.

Tapping into the exciting new opportunities provided by the technology advances of mobile and tablet devices, online learning, and web-based services, Pearson has created a suite of products and solutions that address the learning, preparation, and practice needs of a new generation of certification candidates, students, and IT professionals.

Pearson Learning Solutions

The Pearson IT Certification learning solutions include:

• Books and eBooks
• Online Subscription Service
• Assessment & Practice Tests
• Simulators & Labs
• Video Training
• Courseware Curriculum
• Custom Learning Solutions

Learn about the flexible learning options from Pearson IT Certification.

Pearson Partnerships

Pearson Publishing Partnerships
Pearson has formal publishing partnerships with leaders in technology, including the official publishing programs for Cisco Press, Microsoft Press, and Adobe Press.

About Pearson

Pearson is the world's leading education company. From pre-school to high school, early learning to professional certification, our curriculum materials, multimedia learning tools and testing programs help to educate millions of people worldwide—more than any other private enterprise. Learn more about Pearson.

A division of Pearson, the IT Professional Publishing group is the world's largest publisher of books, eBooks, video, software, and courseware learning products for technical and creative professionals, computer users and business professionals. The publishing imprints include Addison-Wesley Professional, Adobe Press, Cisco Press, Peachpit Press, Pearson IT Certification, Que, and Sams.

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