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Microsoft has more than 2 million certified individuals across its many programs. The company's array of certifications prove an IT professional's fluency as an Administrator, Systems Engineer, Support Technician, and Application Developer. Pearson IT Certification has a variety of products to help you prepare for these exams and to ensure testing success.



Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 R2
This chapter from MCSA 70-410 Cert Guide R2: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 focuses on installing Windows Server 2012 R2 in its basic configurations and introduces you to basic server configuration actions that you should be familiar with before you undertake any advanced actions.
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By Don Poulton, David CamardellaSep 30, 2014
Establishing a Certification Support System (2014 Edition)
In this article, you’ll take a look at how to establish a personal certification support system.
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By Ed Tittel, Mary KyleMay 14, 2014
When Ideal IT Job Candidates Meet Real Job Requirements (2014 Edition)
This article provides you with a good understanding of key IT job roles and the kinds of skills and knowledge that go with them to help ensure the most positive experience for applicants, no matter what kind of IT work you are after.
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By Ed Tittel, Mary KyleMay 14, 2014
Working with Technical Recruiters (2014 Edition)
In this article, Ed Tittel and Mary Kyle look at how technical recruiters operate and how you can benefit as they guide your search for an ideal job.
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By Ed Tittel, Mary KyleMay 14, 2014

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Ed TittelMCSE: Private Cloud Study Guides Finally Ready

The Microsoft Press study guides for the two MCSE: Private Cloud certification are now available, either in printed or eBook form. Check them out online at Pearson IT Certification.

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By Ed TittelCommentsOctober 29, 2014
Topics: Browse by Cert,MCSE,Microsoft,MCSA
Ed TittelMS Goes Exclusive with Pearson VUE for Cert Exams

One could suppose that it's not a surprise to learn that Microsoft has now designated Pearson VUE as its "sole test provider," in light of the company's selection of Pearson's publishing arm to handle its MS Press titles last year. Nevertheless, I was struck by this announcement, and the growing certification synergy that's emerging across the Pearson family of companies.

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By Ed TittelCommentsOctober 10, 2014
Topics: Browse by Cert,MCSE,Other Microsoft,Microsoft,MCSA
Ed TittelIDC Study Points to Future Jobs & Necessary Skills

Thanks to my buddies over at GoCertify.com, I recently learned about a new IDC study that is chock-full of interesting and useful information about where jobs are going to be most plentiful in the years ahead. Entitled "Skills Requirements for Tomorrow's Best Jobs, it does a great job of analyzing and dissecting current and future job markets, and of identifying skills and knowldge that current and upcoming graduates will need to excel at them.

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By Ed TittelCommentsOctober 9, 2014
Topics: Browse by Cert,Other Microsoft,Microsoft,MCSA
Ed TittelIBM Forces Some Employees Into Training, Imposes Pay Cut

In mid-September, IBM sent an interesting but also threatening e-mail to a number of employees in its Global Technology Services division, the arm of the company responsible for providing consulting and technology services to its biggest and most important customers. Observing that its recipients "have not kept pace with acquiring the skills and expertise needed to address changing client needs, technology and market requirements," those same recipients were ordered into a one-day-a-week training program for 23 weeks (almost half a year). During that training interval, their pay would also be docked by 10 percent, perhaps splitting the difference with those employees of the 20 percent loss in productivity that would therefore ensue. What does this decision have to tell us, and those currently playing the IT game as professionals?

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By Ed TittelCommentsOctober 1, 2014
Topics: Systems & Network Administration,Network Support,Browse by Technology,Browse by Cert,Other IT Certifications,MCSE,IT Project Management/ITIL,Microsoft,CompTIA

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