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The Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) certifies an ability to provide technical and customer service and support in troubleshooting hardware and software operation issues in Microsoft Windows environments.


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Brien Posey

This article explains how to avoid losing your certifications as exams are retired.

Scott Empson

Scott Empson offers an inside view of the "Portable Command Guide Series" and introduces the series features.

Ed Tittel takes a look at the value of IT Architect credentials for senior IT professionals who still seek opportunities to grow and advance.

Ed Tittel offers some insights into what is involved in pursuing this elite certification program.

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Jamie Shoup

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Jamie Shoup

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Ed Tittel

Over the years, it's been interesting to watch the Cisco Learning Center grow and evolve to better meet the needs of IT professionals pursuing that company's often-coveted certification credentials. Of all the many things that Cisco does right with its cert programs, the company's "Study/Learn Master List" is second to none when it comes to helping interested parties find their way to the right exams, objectives, training, and study/prep materials. If you don't know about this already, you should; if you do know about it, you might want to head back to give it another look, as numerous exams have been (or will be) updated or replaced in the very near future.

Jamie Shoup

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