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The Pearson Education User Group Program – Certification and VMware Press User Group represent leading technology brands and publishing imprints Cisco Press, Exam Cram, Pearson IT Certification, and VMware Press. Pearson values the strength of community learning and collaboration, and provides member groups with:

• Updates on new and exciting product releases
• Complimentary review copies
• 35% discount on PearsonITCertification.com purchases
• Exclusive content, survey opportunities, and more!

By registering, you agree to receive a monthly e-mail newsletter to share user group news, benefits information, and other announcements with your members. In return, we ask that from time to time you share your thoughts on what we're publishing, what technologies you're using, or how your group membership is changing and growing. We also request that you show your support by posting one of our banners on your group's site.

To qualify, groups must have:

• Membership of 10 or more people
• Valid website for sharing information
• Regular face-to-face or online meetings

For more information on the Pearson User Group Program – Certification, contact:

Emily Nave

Thank you for being an active voice in the IT community!

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Pearson User Group Program – Que Home & Office
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