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VMware Press is the official publisher of VMware books and training materials that provide guidance for the critical topics facing today's technology professionals and students. With books, certification and study guides, video training, and learning tools produced by world-class architects and IT experts, VMware Press helps IT professionals master a diverse range of topics on virtualization and cloud computing, and is the official source of reference materials for completing the VMware Certified Professional (VCP) Examination.
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Learn about the foundational tools that you will need to build your test environments. This chapter from DevOps for VMware Administrators covers environment provisioning with AutoLab and Vagrant, creating images with Packer, managing source code, and Git source code control.

This chapter from Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware: Doing IT Right first covers the key aspects of storage architecture relevant to both physical and virtual environments as well as the differences you need to understand when architecting storage, specifically for virtualized SQL Server Databases.

This chapter introduces you to the world of the software-defined datacenter, but with a focus on the storage aspect.

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