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VMware Press is the official publisher of VMware books and training materials that provide guidance for the critical topics facing today's technology professionals and students. With books, certification and study guides, video training, and learning tools produced by world-class architects and IT experts, VMware Press helps IT professionals master a diverse range of topics on virtualization and cloud computing, and is the official source of reference materials for completing the VMware Certified Professional (VCP) Examination.
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Ed TittelRanking Certifications (2014 Edition)
Employers look for and seek out certified IT professionals, but generally prefer candidates who possess both college degrees and specific certification credentials. Aspiring or active IT professionals can benefit from an informed evaluation of certifications in terms of the time commitment, cost, and other factors involved in earning such a credential vis-a-vis the ultimate financial or career advancement that such an investment can return. In this article, Ed Tittel looks at one method for rating and ranking IT certifications.
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By Ed TittelMay 12, 2014
Matt VandenbeldExam profile: VMware Certified Associate – Cloud Exam VCAC510
This article profiles VMware's VCA-Cloud Certification. This certification profile describes question forms, trouble spots, hints for exam preparation, and recommendations for additional study resources. Find out what you can expect for this certification and how to best prepare for it.
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By Matt VandenbeldNov 25, 2013
VCP-Cloud Official Cert Guide: Allocating and Managing vCloud Resources
To help you prepare for the VCP5-Cloud Exam, this chapter covers not only how to configure new enduser resource allocation models, but also their proper usage. It explores the relationship between allocation models and vCenter Server configuration changes.
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By Nathan Raper, Tom RalphNov 4, 2013
Rebecca FitzhughMy VCAP-DCD Experience
VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) and consultant Rebecca Fitzhugh details her experience and takeaways after sitting for VMware’s VCAP-DCD exam.
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By Rebecca FitzhughOct 31, 2013

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