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Linux+ Powered by LPI Exams LX0-103 and LX0-004 uCertify Course and Labs and CompTIA Linux+/LPIC-1 Cert Guide Bundle

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Linux+ Powered by LPI Exams LX0-103 and LX0-004 uCertify Course and Labs and CompTIA Linux+/LPIC-1 Cert Guide Bundle


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  • Copyright 2016
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-5797-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-5797-5

Linux+ Powered by LPI Exams LX0-003 and LX0-004 uCertify Course and Labs and CompTIA Linux+/LPIC-1 Cert Guide Bundle is a value-priced package that contains the Linux+ LX0-003 and LX0-004 uCertify Course and Labs and the LPIC-1 Cert Guide textbook. 
CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI Exams LX0-103 and LX0-104 uCertify Course and Labs is an easy-to-use online course that allows you to assess your readiness and teaches you what you need to know to pass the CompTIA Linux+ LX0-103 and LX0-104 exams.

 Master all of the CompTIA Linux+ LX0-103 and LX0-104 exam objectives in the framework of Linux+ Exam 1 and Exam 2interactive eBook. The interactive eBook includes informative text, tables, step-by-step lists, images, interactive exercises, glossary flash cards, and review activities. The course comes complete with extensive pre- and post-assessment tests.

 The award-winning uCertify Labs help bridge the gap between conceptual knowledge and real-world application by providing competency-based, interactive, online, 24x7 training. uCertify Labs simulate real-world hardware, software applications and operating systems, and command-line interfaces. The labs are supplemented with videos demonstrating lab solutions. Students can feel safe working in this virtual environment resolving real-world operating system and hardware problems.

 All of the content–the complete eBook, the practice questions, the exercises, and the labs–is focused around the official Linux+ exam objectives.

The LPIC-1 Authorized Cert Guide has a single goal: to help you pass the new version of the Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1 exams. The most comprehensive and time-efficient LPIC-1 study guide available, it's an extraordinarily cost-effective alternative to expensive training: a perfect resource for all LPIC-1 candidates. Authored by a leading LPI insider and long-time Linux trainer, it presents focused, straight-to-the-point coverage of all LPIC-1 exam topics, including:

  • System Architecture
  • Linux Installation and Package Management
  • GNU and Unix Commands
  • Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
  • Shells, Scripting and Data Management
  • User Interfaces and Desktops
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Essential System Services
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Security

From start to finish, it's organized to help you focus your study time where you need the most help, so you can retain more, and earn higher scores:

  • Pre-chapter "Do I Know This Already" (DIKTA) quizzes help you assess your knowledge of each chapter's content, and decide how much time to spend on each section
  • Foundation Topics sections thoroughly explain concepts and theory, and link them to real-world configurations and commands
  • Key Topics icons flag every figure, table, or list you absolutely must understand and remember
  • Chapter-ending Exam Preparation sections deliver even more exercises and troubleshooting scenarios
  • Two full sample exams offer realistic practice delivered through Pearson's state-of-the-art PCPT test engine


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