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Whether you're a network specialist in-training, or a seasoned professional - these little tidbits might ring true. 

You Know You Are A Networker When

  • You tell people your address is
  • You name your dog nexus and your cat IOS
  • You propose full duplex to your girlfriend
  • Your Amazon wish contains Libraries from Wendell Odom
  • You actually really wear those silly t-shirts from the last Cisco Live event
  • You yell IOS commands while you sleep
  • You have a home network with 2 PC's and 4 VLAN's
  • You speak to your other networking friend and no one around you understands the lingo
  • You have a room dedicated to Cisco routing and switching scenarios: 5 routers 3 switches, 1 patch panel, 5 computers
  • You really, truly enjoy reading networking books
  • When your girlfriend isn't responding, you check for a link light
  • When you walk into a location and you immediately start checking out how their devices are networked
  • On Halloween you wear a cape, a mask and call yourself the "Subnet Masked Man"
  • The network hiccups at 4:59 pm on a Friday afternoon and you stick around till you know it's OK
  • You make your children know TCP/IP by the age of 7

Do any of these sound familiar? If you have similiar thoughts to share, please comment below!

If you are just starting out in the field and haven't experienced any of the above - try Cisco Press First-Step books or their Fundamentals series to help get the basics under your belt. Happy networking!