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Sharkfest '11 Offers Opportunities to Learn About Protocol Analysis

From June 13-16, 2011, Wireshark University will host its annual convocation on the beautiful campus of Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. If you're a serious networking professional, and want to learn more about Protocol Analysis, this is the event of the year for people like you.

When I logged onto my PC this morning, I was greeted by an "Open Invite" to the annual Wireshark Developer and User conference, aka "Sharkfest '11." Not only is Wireshark the most popular and widely-used of all the TCP/IP protocol analysis tools available, it's also freely distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Wireshark is also the focus for Wireshark University, a training and certification organization headed up by my old friend and co-author, Laura Chappell (author of numerous books on protocol analysis all the way back to her NetWare days when IPX/SPX ruled her world, but also of many titles on TCP/IP protocol analysis, including our college textbook Guide to TCP/IP, now going into its fourth edition).

The Wireshark certification is called Wireshark Certified Network Analyst, and is completely described at the Wireshark University (aka WiresharkU) website. There are a variety of training courses and materials available for this credential, including a study guide, an exam preparation guide, both interactive and self-paced/on-demand online training courses, and instructor-led classroom training for those interested in and able to afford the whole enchilada (check the Wireshark U link at the head of this paragraph for links on that page under the "Training and Certification Prep" heading there).

Those who head to Sharkfest '11 will have opportunities to attend training, labs, and technical sessions that cover the whole gamut of protocol analysis. One of the authors of the long-lived and widely used tcpdump utility, Steve McCanne, will deliver the keynote there. Laura Chappell will dig into the details involved in customizing Wireshark for a variety of usage scenarios for troubleshooting and security. Jeff Carrell will provide a hands-on lab on building an IPv6 network. The detailed agenda (.PDF format) spells out all of the sessions and activities for June 13-16.

This is a must-go event for those involved in protocol analysis, or those who aspire to add such expertise to their professional portfolios. Be sure to dig into the Wireshark Certified Network Analyst credential as well!