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Resume Resources for IT Professionals

What’s up? Today I will aggregate some handy-dandy Web links and share some tips that are pertinent for those of you who may be (a) creating your first substantial IT-focused résumé; or (b) sharpening up your résumé in preparation of a career change or lateral job move.

Tim’s Personal Resume

Before we go any further, allow me to share with my personal favorite résumé template. This résumé template has afforded me more compliments and job interviews than any other template I have ever used in my professional life.

Armed with a résumé crafted from this template, I have landed some pretty darned sweet full-time and contract jobs, including my current position with Pearson Education (which allows me to write to you now!). Here is the link:

LiveClever: Give your résumé a face lift

Résumé Template Dump

Following is an ordered list detailing some quality sources for downloading a pre-prepared résumé template:

Résumé Authoring Software

Some of us prefer to create a résumé from scratch. After all, who said “rugged individualism” is dead? Here is a list of several such software packages to get you started on your journey:

Résumé Writing Tips

Here is a list of useful tips, tricks, strategies, and “helps” to assist you in tuning up your résumé:

I hope that you found this blog post useful.

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