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Since September, I've been beavering away for the latest spin off in the Tom's Hardware family of Websites--namely Tom's IT Pro (www.tomsitpro.com) as their resident "certification guy." In addition to a raft of other bits of general IT certification information and advice, I'm also engaged in a "Top 5" series of stories that identifies leading certifications in a number of different (and hopefully also, valid and interesting) technology areas or niches within IT. So far, this series includes four elements for system administrators, storage systems, networking, and information security.

Here are the links to the stories that are already up and available:

There's also a multi-part item called "Evergreen IT Certifications" that addresses what you might consider as the creme de la creme of IT certification across all niches.

But wait! There's more: I've also developed additional stories that haven't yet posted to the site, and have others in the wings for early next year. Here they are (upcoming items for next year as yet unwritten end in an asterisk '*'):

  • The Top 5 Computer Forensics Certifications
  • The Top 5 Developer Certifications
  • The Top 5 Training Certifications
  • The Top 5 DBMS Certifications
  • The Top 5 Virtualization Certifications*
  • The Top 5 Cloud Certifications*
  • The Top 5 Project Management Certifications*

So there's still plenty more to come. Be sure to check the already-published items out at your convenience, and to keep your eyes peeled for new ones as they appear (I'll update this posting as well, to turn currently inactive links live as that happens).

Happy Holidays, everybody!