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MeasureUp Named Official VMWare Practice Test Provider

By  Jul 3, 2013

Topics: Other IT Certifications, VCP

A member of the Pearson family of companies has been named as the "official practice test provider" for VMware certification exams. The company in question is MeasureUp, which is part of Certiport, itself a part of Pearson VUE. This is both big and good news, because VMware certification has long been an underserved niche for quality, reliable practice tests.

In a June 27 press release entitled "MeasureUp Named Official Practice Exam Provider for VMware Certification," the company announced the relationship with VMware at the same time it announced immediate availability for the VCP5-DCV (Data Center Virtualization) practice exam (Exam ID VCP5-510, a gateway exam for many more senior VMware certification credentials).

A solid, reputable vendor for VMware practice exams is something to crow about!

For a long time now, VMware has offered a multi-tiered certification program that continues to gain attention and interest from IT professionals, as the company's products and technologies have enabled widespread proliferation of virtualized desktops, datacenters, and cloud computing of all kinds. Even so, until MeasureUp established its relationship with VMware, practice test offerings have tended to come more from second tier players rather than the major players (at present, it appears that only Boson offers a VCP5-510 practice test among the leading practice test providers, excepting MeasureUp itself). Some VMware instructors have gone so far as to blog that only 2/3ds of the materials in off-market practice tests are technically correct or relevant to current exams.

The inception of an official relationship with MeasureUp should help to address quality, coverage, and timeliness concerns. Though the VCP5-510 practice test costs $139, that's about the same ratio to the exam cost of $225 that a typical $80-90 Microsoft exam bears to their $150 cost. Having worked with MeasureUp's practice tests myself since the late 1990s, I can personally attest that their practice tests for CompTIA, Microsoft and Cisco topics are second to none. I can't imagine they would do any less for VMware, particularly given the importance of an "official" relationship, whatever else that might mean.