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Look no further than Cisco Press for the best in Cisco Cert Prep

Yesterday, I researched a pictorial story for Tom's IT Pro on the very best cert prep resources online for Cisco credentials. Although I can't say that what Cisco Press has to offer to help Cisco candidates prepare for their exams is the absolute end-all and be-all for that process, I can say it comes pretty darn close. As I researched what Cisco Press has to offer, I came away both amazed and impressed with their depth and breadth of coverage.

A quick look at the "In the Store" and "Quick Links" pointers at the Cisco Press home page helps me start this story, and to explain its significance for Cisco cert candidates:

Here's a quick rundown on the various links in the two preceding sections depicted above, starting with the "In the Store" entries:

  • All Titles: Puts all the Cisco Press titles under a single heading. With 585 items in this category, you get a strong sense of the depth and breadth of Cisco coverage this encompasses.
  • eBooks and eBooks (Watermarked): 300 titles' worth of eBooks includes those with digital rights registration (DRM) requirements (plain eBooks) or those which include buyer ID information in the downloads and require no DRM (watermarked). Many of these eBook titles are cert-related (around half).
  • Short Cuts (Watermarked): Various CCIE practice labs for v3.0 Security (configuration only) and v4.0 Routing & Switching (configuration and troubleshooting) plus a handful of older (2007) titles on various technical subjects such as optical networking, VPNs, and firewalls.
  • Rough Cuts: Provides immediate online access to high-demand topics while the books are still in development (and includes a final copy in paper or eBook format upon completion).
  • Cert Flash Cards Online: electronic flashcards for various CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE topics (8 in all).
  • Mobile Apps: iPhone apps for CCNA, computer networking, and networ security topics (4 in all).
  • Video Training: per-lesson and per-topic video training on various CCNA and CCNP topics, plus general coverage of network troubleshooting, routing, and firewalls (10 in all, some are bundles that also include books).

Here's the same treatment for the entries under the "Quick Links" heading:

  • Book Support: Pointers to downloads, errata, and additional files (eChapters and an eIndex, plus author-supplied materials) on a per-ISBN (uniquely identifies title and edition) basis.
  • Chapters & Articles: Over 500 free articles and sample chapters on Cisco topics, most certification-oriented or -related.
  • Contact Us: A guided query environment into Pearson tech support for Cisco Press titles and topics with 21 topics areas.
  • Exam Registration at PearsonVUE.com: A link to the Cisco exam registration page at PearsonVUE for exam sign-up.
  • Newsletters: Pointers to Cisco Network Academy and Professional newsletters from Cisco Press, plus the Learning@Cisco newsletter.
  • Product Review Team: sign up to join InformIT.com's review team for all Pearson titles, including those from Cisco Press (visit page for details and sign-up).
  • Register a Product: Create a Cisco Press account, then supply ISBN numbers for each Cisco Press title you own, to get access to files and downloads, other bonus information, and a discount on future Cisco Press purchases.
  • User Groups: Not what you think -- rather than providing pointers to Cisco User groups, this provides sign-up info for existing Cisco user groups to register with Cisco Press and get discounts for group member purchases.

Given the wide range of materials available from Cisco Press -- which include various simulators and coverage of practice exam questions in most cert-related titles -- you can find nearly everything you need for nearly all Cisco certs somewhere amidst these many links I've just zipped over. Check it out and enjoy!