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How to Become a VMware Certified Professional (VCP) on vSphere 4

By  Jan 20, 2010

Topics: Other IT Certifications, VCP

Back in May 2008 I wrote a blog post entitled “On Becoming a VMware Certified Professional” that garnered a large following and generated much feedback. This tells me that I am not the only person who found the organization of the VCP certification program…er…more than a trifle confusing. In rechecking the VMware Education Services Web site today I was pleased to see a more coherently laid-out program. Let’s take a look at VCP4 certification, shall we?

Training Requirement

In my humble or not-so-humble opinion, VMware’s decision to require that all VCP candidates sit for instructor-led training (ILT) in one or more of their official courses is a REALLY bad idea. Obviously the training requirement significantly boosts the revenue stream for VMware; however, how many busy, working IT professionals have the time or money to devote to sitting for a multi-day ILT class? Check it out:

Even though VMware offers these courses in a Webinar (live online) format, this still means that you are physically out of pocket from your workplace for the duration of each class.

Perhaps in response to a ton of candidate confusion regarding VMware authorized vis-a-vis non-authorized training, VMware has this to say:

Participation in a VMware authorized training class is REQUIRED for VCP certification. Candidates who take the VCP exam without a class will NOT be certified or confirmed by VMware. Authorized courses are listed on the Education Services portal of this website. If a class is NOT listed there it is not authorized.

Training requirements can get tricky when you factor in not only those who are new to the VCP4 program, but also those existing VCP3 and VCP2 who want to get in on the V4 action.

VMware put together a very helpful flowchart that depicts the training requirement options for all of these V4 candidate groups; you can look at it on the VCP4 home page.

The VCP4 Exam Itself

You can get a feel for the subject matter embraced in the VCP4 exam by looking at the VCP4 Exam Blueprint (PDF).

Registration for exam VCP410, VCP4 Certification Exam is handled by Pearson VUE; exam cost is $200. The exam is obviously computer based, and is listed at Pearson VUE with a 105-minute time limit. Passing score is 300/500 with approximately 85 multiple-choice questions.

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