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Get Ready for Freaky Black Friday Cert Purchase Madness

Sure, retail's been a bastion of over-the-top merchandising and low, low, LOW sales prices on the day after Thanksgiving since the 1990s. According to hard-boiled studies of retail sales, Black Friday didn't actually attain its much-vaunted status as "the busiest shopping day of the year" until 2003, a position it has occupied every year since then except for 2004, when it came in at number two behind the Saturday before Xmas. I hope you're now wondering "What does this have to do with IT certification?" Here's the thing: Black Friday has now found a niche in the IT training and cert prep materials marketplace too.

The Pearson IT Certification Banner says it all, and it says a lot, upon which I'll elaborate after flashing that snazzy graphic at your no-doubt impatient eyeballs:

Who says Cert Prep can't do Black Friday sales? Not PITC!

The all-important Black Friday discount code is BF2013, and the saving are sizable: Single-item purchases get 30% off, double-item purchases 40%, and purchases of any three or more items are half off (50%). This applies to everything Pearson IT Certification has to sell -- namely, books, eBooks, video tutorials, network simulators, and practice tests for certifications and related exams that include all of the major sponsors (Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft, VMware, and so forth) and most of the important smaller-field credentials as well (PMP, CISSP, ITIL, and so on).

If you work in IT, and you're currently thinking "career development," "career enhancement," "new job," or even "first job," it behooves you (and anybody else you know who might be in a similar boat) to jump onto the Pearson IT Certification Black Friday sale, and make those cash registers ring with the sounds of your forthcoming triumphs and successes. Just try not to OD on turkey and tryptophan before you start shopping away madly, or you may end up pursuing that Jacquard Loom Programming credential you've always secretly lusted after!