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It shows up here as "Ed Tittel's IT Certification Success" and incorporates a lengthy series of 29 inter-related articles (for a total of something around 250 pages' worth of material). Here's the table of contents, verbatim:

General Certification Information: Programs, Benefits, Pros and Cons

Why Vendors Like Certification Programs

Why Organizations and Professional Societies Build Cert Programs

Why Employers Like Cert Programs

General Certification Program Characteristics

Benefits of IT Certification

What’s Not To Like About IT Cert Programs

Ranking Certifications, Part 1: One Method for Rating Certifications

Ranking Certifications, Part 2: The Ratings 


IT Certification Planning, Preparation, and Training

Overall Certification Preparation Overview

Certification and Career Self-Assessment: Can and Should You Do It?

Crafting a Personal Certification Plan

Understanding IT Certification Ladders

Build Your Own Customized IT Certification Ladder

Pros and Cons of Classroom and Online Training for Certification Prep

Using Practice Exams for Study and Preparation

Establishing a Certification Support System 


IT Certifications, Employment, and Career Planning and Development

Top Job Posting Web Sites

Using Job Posting Web Sites

Working with Professional Associations and Societies

Working with a Personal Network

Finding a Job That Fits

Working with Technical Recruiters 


IT Job Roles and Related Certifications of Interest

When Ideal IT Job Candidates Meet Real Job Requirements

An Ideal PC Technician

An Ideal Network Administrator

An Ideal IT Internetworking Professional

The Ideal Security Professional

An Ideal Project Manager

An Ideal Programmer

Why am I telling you this, and providing so much detailed information to help you dig into this stuff? Simply because I've found myself re-reading it nearly from end to end lately, and have been amazed and pleased at the wealth of useful information it contains. I've been updating bits and pieces of the materials from time to time to keep them up to date, but there is a lot of good "evergreen" information in here that never goes stale, too.

If you're familiar with this resource, be sure to keep it in your favorites. If you've yet to visit this collection of articles, you might want to pay them a visit. If you're interested in IT certification, you're sure to find some stuff you might like here. If you do dig in, and notice anything missing, or would like to request some added content or coverage, please drop me a line at ed at edtittel dot com and let me know. I'm always happy to add to this excellent collection of IT cert info and advice!