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Everybody knows that mobile technologies are exploding all over the place, and use of mobile devices is taking over many aspects of communication--and even computing--in the workplace and on the go. That's why I wasn't too surprised to read a recent (10/17/2011) CompTIA press release about some new mobile technology initiatives that this organization is launching.

The press release in question is entitled "CompTIA Launches New Mobile Technology Initiatives," and it aims to develop IT channel training programs as well as resource to aid enterprises with mobility management. At this point, what's really going on is that CompTIA is recruiting from among its tens of thousands of member companies and organizations to "...help direct the goals and objectives for CompTIA's mobile technology channel training initiatives." In other words, an effort to dig into what's involved in training resellers and service providers about mobile technologies, and to start building potential related certifications is just getting started.

In particular, CompTIA's targets for recruiting include communications carriers, device and infrastructure manufacturers, plus mobile application developers, solution providers, and other interested parties. This primarily represents those with vested intersts in selling mobile devices, and delivering related mobile services and information. But if history is any guide, large interest groups from research, academia, and government will have roles to play as things begin to gel.

CompTIA is also undertaking a research study on mobility, telecommuting, and remote workforce activities and trends. They're interested in assessing how much good (or ill) mobile and remote work solutions can do, and in identifying the challenges involved in managing and facilitating mobile workforces. And of course, they want to attract interest to this area, so they'll also be sure to "highlight potential business opportunities for IT solution providers."

Will this ever lead to a CompTIA Mobile+ or some other mobile-related IT certifications? It very well might. Initiatives and research studies are how CompTIA digs into promising new technology areas, especially those that are in high demand. If they get a strong enough response from their member base, and enough players (communications and service providers, device and infrastructure makers, service and solution providers, and so forth) voice demands for such a thing, they'll undoubtedly give it a try.

But CompTIA credentials (think Home Technology Integrator or HTI+) can also flop, as well as achieving raging successes (A+, Network+, Security+). It will be very interesting to follow their efforts and see what they come up with for training, and possibly also for certification. I just hope the special interest groups involved will give the matter lots of thought and careful consideration before they start putting building blocks together. While there is no doubt that mobile technology is an increasingly important part of the IT landscape (and the lives of its users, both at and away from work), there's also no doubt that "yet another bogus certification" is not what's needed here!