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New to the Cisco Networking Academy? Need some clarity on which books are for what course? We are here to help! 

As the sole authorized publisher of books that support the Cisco Networking Academy curricula, Cisco Press has new learning products, special offers and instructor and student resources.  Check-out our new FAQ to help you in your journey.

QUESTION: The course is released, when will the books be available?

All of our Academy course books are built from the final Academy course files.  When the course is released by NetAcad, Cisco Press receives the files and then begins the process to convert the content into each of our book formats: 

Course Booklet: an offline reading resource that contains only the narrative from the online course.

Lab Manual: Complete collection of all the course lab exercises.

Companion Guide: Full featured textbook for the course. The Course Booklets and the Lab Manuals are able to be published within 6-8 weeks of the release of each course. The Companion Guides require more work to be done so it takes us about 16-20 weeks to produce the full-featured, hardcover textbooks.  

QUESTION: I am starting my course right away. I need a textbook, what do I use?

If the Companion Guide is not yet available, the first time you are teach one of the new courses we suggest you have your students use the Course Booklet format. We created this format a few years ago. If you are not familiar with this format, which is just the text from the course, ask your Pearson rep for a deskcopy of any Course Booklet to review its functionality.

Alternatively, Wendell Odom has created “textbook” versions of his best-selling Certification Guides that can be used as supplementary textbooks if you need something more full-featured. These books do not follow the outline of the Academy courses but you can be sure they include all the relevant CCNA topics.


QUESTION: The Cisco Press Lab Manuals no longer include “Study Guide” sections is that accurate?

Correct, the Lab Manuals will now just contain all the course lab exercises. Why? Well the primary reason is that with the staggered release of the CCNA Routing & Switching courses we wanted to make sure we published a Lab Manual as soon as possible after each course so you have books to use. Adding the Study Guide exercises, activities and scenarios to practice the Certification topics takes time.  Never fear, we are taking that time – but outside the production of a Lab Manual. We are producing two “Practice and Study Guide” books by Allan Johnson that will coordinate with the curriculum sequence – one focusing on courses 1 and 2 (CCENT/ICND1 topics) and the second focusing on courses 3, and 4 (ICND2/CCNA topics). You can bundle these with your course lab manuals or work with our custom department to merge the two to your liking.

 CCENT Practice and Study Guide by Allan Johnson print: 9781587133459 eBook: 9780133517675 December 2013

 CCNA Routing and Switching Practice and Study Guide  by Allan Johnson print: 9781587133442 eBook: 9780133517613 March 2014

For more information visit our Academy Resource Center.