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How I Evaluate Cert Program to See if They're "For Real"

I've been working in and around IT certification since the late 1980s, during which time I was the proud and interested initial author for Excelan's (later Novell's) "Networking 101" class. For the past 6 years, I've blogged anywhere from 3 to 7 times a week on IT certification topics for sites that have included this one, as well as TechTarget, GoCertify.com, Tom's IT Pro, and others. During the period from 1997 to today (that date coincides with the launch of the Exam Cram series, now a Pearson imprint) I've turned up, investigated, and reported on hundreds of different IT certification programs. This blog post explains briefly how I separate the wheat from the chaff, when it comes to recommending for or against specific IT certs and programs, with pointers to other resources on this topic.

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MS Begins MCSE/MCSD Recert Regime

Over the past couple of years, MS has worked hard to earn ISO 17024 accreditation for its top certification credentials, including its recently re-issued MCSE and MCSD certifications. One requirement that comes with attaining such status is a requirement for regular re-certification, usually at 2 or 3 year intervals. In the MCP Weekly Flash newsletter for July 10, 2014, MS informs readers that the recertification regime is about to get underway, starting with MSCD recert exams in August/September 2014.

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Establish a Professional Online Presence with LinkedIn

Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has become THE PLACE to present and promote oneself professionally online, particularly for those who labor in the technology patch -- including IT professionals. But even with over a decade of exposure, familiarity and use, lots of IT pros can benefit from a rethinking of their LinkedIn profiles, and a more calculated strategy for providing profile content, managing postings, and promoting one's individual and professional brand online.

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By Ed TittelCommentsJuly 9, 2014
Topics: Browse by Cert

PITC Sale On Today Through July 7

I guess Pearson decided to fire off some incendiary deals in celebration of this weekend's upcoming Independence Day holiday, with a rousing round of discounts on books, ebooks, software, practice tests, and video tutorials. Be sure to drop by the site and check out the discounts, which span from Cisco, to CompTIA, to VMware, and more!

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Resetting the Bar for Digital Literacy in High School

With the commercial Internet having gotten underway in 1995-1996, today's generation of school-age children inarguably qualify as "digital natives" born into an increasingly networked and digital world. And yet teaching basic computer literacy in K-12 here in the USA is only starting to become a part of the standard curriculum. There's still a lot more work to do in this area, but signs of change are starting to accumulate. Read on to learn about a fascinating initiative courtesy of the Microsoft IT Academy.

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CompTIA Works Both Sides of the BYOD Street

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past three years or so, you already know that BYOD means "bring your own device." This acronym refers broadly to the phenomenon where an organization's employees use their own cellphones, tablets, notebook or laptop PCs, or other mobile devices to do "work stuff." This could occur on the road or at home (away from the office) or within an organization's premises ("inside the firewall"). CompTIA has invested heavily in supporting mobile technologies, including the Mobility+ and a couple of Mobile App Security+ certifications, but in talking to IT honchos and business executives, it has also observed that the promise or hype for BYOD has somewhat outpaced the realities of its use on the ground.

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CompTIA Exam Coming Up? Voucher Discounts!

If you're planning to take a CompTIA exam sometime between now and (at least) April 30, 2015, you'll want to check into discount exam vouchers now available at the PearsonITCertification.com website. Given that most CompTIA exams cost $200 and up (a select few are cheaper, many are more expensive) the 10% discount on offer is worth at least 20 bucks per exam. Check it out!

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Windows 8.1 Exam Prep Tools Almost Ready

One nice thing about the recent alliance of Pearson IT Certification with MS Press is that you can glom onto most of the "good stuff" for Microsoft cert prep from a single outlet -- which is to say "Right here!" That's why I was pleased to see titles for the updated (8.1) versions of the Windows 8 exams are either already available, or coming in the next month or so.

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IT Cert Help for Veterans

Call me old-fashioned, call me behind the times, call me late: I've still got our veterans and returning servicepeople on my mind even though Memorial Day was officially last weekend. Maybe it's just because I'm old enough to be fixated on Memorial Day as the last weekend in May, even if that doesn't include the necessary Monday. Whatever the cause for this memory mix-up, I'm pretty sure my target audience won't mind that I'm a week behind on the delivery, because the information is bound to be of interest to them anyway. In the following paragraphs, then, you'll find pointers to IT certification resources for vets and active duty personnel transitioning back to (or facing immanent) return to civilian employment.

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Free MS Exam Prep Mini-Courses Online

For those of you who couldn’t attend Microsoft TechEd North America 2014 (held May 12 - 15) in Houston, TX, you can still reap some of its benefits. Of particular interest to those likely to read this blog, Microsoft is making numerous TechEd exam prep sessions available, free of charge, through its Channel 9 website. Certs covered include MCSA and MCSE, in various forms and flavors.

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Revisiting Cert Rankings for 2014

In last week's blog, I advised readers that they could find revised content for that portion of the PITC site known as "Ed Tittel's IT Certification Success." In this blog, I dig into some details on the 2014 Cert Rankings, and provide a working link through which to access that content.

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Updated IT Cert Success is Here!

Shortly after I launched the Exam Cram series at Coriolis in 1997, Kim Lindros and I compiled a companion book for that series called IT Certification Success. It went through three editions at Coriolis and two more at Pearson (dated 1998, 1999, and 2000 at Coriolis, and 2002 and 2003 at Pearson) before we decided to retire that content, not because it wasn't worthwhile, but because it changed so frequently that we couldn't keep it up to date. That content has been available right here on this site in Web-based form since 2010, and I'm very pleased to report we just finished a major update of its contents.

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