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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Exam Preparation Tasks

Review All the Key Topics

Review the most important topics from inside the chapter, noted with the Key Topic icon in the outer margin of the page. Table 2-2 lists these key topics and the page numbers where each is found.


Table 2-2 Key Topics for Chapter 2

Key Topic Element Description Page Number
List Layers of the OSI model 33
Figure 2-3 Protocol data unit names 35
Figure 2-4 Layer 1: The physical layer 35
Figure 2-8 Layer 2: The data link layer 39
Figure 2-9 Layer 3: The network layer 42
Figure 2-10 Layer 4: The transport layer 44
Figure 2-11 TCP sliding window 45
Figure 2-12 Layer 5: The session layer 46
Figure 2-13 Layer 6: The presentation layer 47
Figure 2-14 Layer 7: The application layer 48
Figure 2-15 TCP/IP stack 50
Figure 2-16 IP Version 4 packet format 51
Figure 2-17 TCP segment format 52
Figure 2-18 UDP segment format 53
Figure 2-19 Example: Port numbers and IP addresses 54
Table 2-1 Application layer protocols/applications 54

Complete Tables and Lists from Memory

Print a copy of Appendix C, “Memory Tables,” or at least the section for this chapter, and complete as many of the tables as possible from memory. Appendix D, “Memory Tables Answer Key,” includes the completed tables and lists so you can check your work.

Define Key Terms

Define the following key terms from this chapter, and check your answers in the Glossary:

  • Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model

  • protocol data unit (PDU)

  • current state modulation

  • state transition modulation

  • cyclic redundancy check (CRC)

  • physical layer

  • data link layer

  • network layer

  • transport layer (OSI model)

  • session layer

  • presentation layer

  • application layer (OSI model)

  • network interface layer

  • Internet layer

  • transport layer (TCP/IP stack)

  • application layer (TCP/IP stack)

  • time-division multiplexing (TDM)

  • Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

  • User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

  • TCP/IP stack

Complete Chapter 2 Hands-On Labs in Network+ Simulator Lite

  • Matching Well-Known Port Numbers

  • TCP/IP Protocols and Their Functions

  • Network Application Protocols

  • OSI Model Layer Functions

Additional Resources

Bring the OSI Model to Life: http://www.ajsnetworking.com/osi-life

The OSI Reference Model: https://youtu.be/OHpzuPvQygU

The OSI Model Challenge: http://ajsnetworking.com/osiquiz1

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