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Exam Objectives

Exam Objectives

The objectives for this exam, as stated by Microsoft include:

Structuring a Database

  • Define data needs and types.
  • Define and print table relationships.
  • Add, set, change, or remove primary keys.
  • Split databases.

Creating and Formatting Database Elements

  • Create databases.
  • Create tables.
  • Modify tables.
  • Create fields and modify field properties.
  • Create forms.
  • Create reports.
  • Modify the design of reports and forms.

Entering and Modifying Data

  • Enter, edit, and delete records.
  • Navigate among records.
  • Find and replace data.
  • Attach documents to and detach from records.
  • Import data.

Creating and Modifying Queries

  • Create queries.
  • Modify queries.

Presenting and Sharing Data

  • Sort data.
  • Filter data.
  • Create and modify charts.
  • Export data.
  • Save database objects as other file types.
  • Print database objects.

Managing and Maintaining Databases

  • Perform routine database operations.
  • Manage databases.

Where to Go from Here

Those candidates who successfully pass exam 77-605 qualify for the Microsoft Office Specialist: Microsoft Office Access 2007 certification. Although this exam does not count as credit toward any additional Microsoft certifications, candidates who pass this exam typically end up taking one or more of the other Microsoft Office exams as a way of proving their expertise with the Microsoft Office 2007 suite as a whole.

Microsoft offers a variety of exams based on Microsoft Office 2007. Most of the available exams have about the same degree of difficulty as the 77-605 exam, but Microsoft does offer expert level exams for Word and Excel 2007. The exams that Microsoft offers for Office 2007 certifications include:

  • MOS: Windows Vista for the Business Worker—Exam 77-600
  • MOS: Microsoft Office Word 2007—Exam 77-601
  • MOS: Microsoft Office Word 2007 Expert—Exam 77-850
  • MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2007—Exam 77-602
  • MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Expert—Exam 77-851
  • MOS: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007—Exam 77-603
  • MOS: Microsoft Office Outlook 2007—Exam 77-604
  • MOS: Microsoft Office Access 2007—Exam 77-605
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