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Where I Go For Cert News, You Can Go, Too

By  Feb 24, 2016

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IT training and certification can be a wild, wacky and sometimes wooly world. That's why I follow lots of different news sources to keep up. This week, I have a better than usual reason for sharing those sources with you.

I'm pretty heavily involved and invested in IT certification, with over 40 books in that arena, hundreds of articles and other publications, and even more blog posts all focused on that aspect of the IT biz. That means I have to do a lot of trolling to find out what's happening, learn about changes to existing programs and credentials, and turn up what's new and potentially (or actually) interesting. I thought the readers of this blog might benefit from a list of my favorite sources for certification news and information, so here's sharing them with you:

1. Microsoft cert news usually appears first and foremost in their Born to Learn blog
2. the Cisco Learning Network is where that company provides news, info and updates to their cert offerings
3. CompTIA's Press Releases
invariably deliver the latest news, surveys, and cert info from that organization
4. GoCertify.com
serves up breaking cert news and info daily, and also offers a semi-monthly online newsletter
Sign up for the mega-training company Global Knowledge newsletter for ongoing info and new offerings
Use Google search to find vendor cert info with this string "<vendorname> certification" (sub the actual vendor name for best results)

By continuously and relentlessly working through these resources on a near-daily basis, I keep up with what's going on in the certification world. You are certainly free to do likewise, though you probably can get by with once a week to once a month instead. That way, you'll be able to keep up with what's going on in the cert world on your own.

Why am I sharing these resources with you? Alas, it's my sad duty to inform you readers that this will be my last hurrah in blogging for Pearson IT Certification. The company has decided to shut down this blog, and I won't be able to do that work for you here any more. I've really enjoyed the run though: this blog has been up and active since March of 2011, so it's almost five years to the day since I first started ruminating on your behalf. From what I understand, those blog posts will remain available indefinitely, and so will my online ebook "Ed Tittel's IT Certification Success." I hope you'll continue to make use of those resources going forward.

For those interested in keeping up with me elsewhere, I still blog weekly for Tom's IT Pro and also for GoCertify.com. My Windows Enterprise Desktop blog for TechTarget still posts three times a week, too.

Thanks again for all the fish! It's been a terrific experience for all of us, I hope...