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Line up your learning for the rest of 2014 from Cisco Press expert Authors like Denise Donhue, Narbik Kocharians, Russ White, Scott Morris, and Peter Palúch. Get these free live webinar events on your calendar today!

October 28th: Climbing the Network Career Ladder by Denise Donohue / Russ White.  Delivered by Cisco Live; no registration required. Mark your calendar; see you there!

​November 11th:  Kakorrhaphiophobia of CCIEv5: How to Cope by Scott Morris. Delivered by Cisco Live; save the date - no registration required.

November 12th: MPLS and Layer 3 VPNs by Narbik Kocharians. Delivered by Cisco Learning Network; register now to save your seat for the live webinar event covering VRF, LDP, RD, RT.

December 3rd: Using EIGRP Named Mode by Denise Donohue. Delivered by Cisco Learning Network; save your seat - register now. What is EIGRP Named Mode, and when and why would you use it? This webinar will examine EIGRP Named Mode, highlighting the differences between it and Classic EIGRP configuration. It will include a live demonstration of configuring Named Mode EIGRP using the CLI, along with verification and troubleshooting commands.

December 11th: The Return of IS-IS by Peter Palúch. Delivered by Cisco Learning Network; join us for the live event highlighting the main characteristics and operation of the IS-IS routing protocol. Register now.