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In last week's blog, I advised readers that they could find revised content for that portion of the PITC site known as "Ed Tittel's IT Certification Success." In this blog, I dig into some details on the 2014 Cert Rankings, and provide a working link through which to access that content.

If you visit the landing page for "Ed Tittel's IT Certification Success" you'll see that the first major content container -- entitled General Certification Information ... -- includes two links for Ranking Certifications (Part 1 and Part 2). These do not, however, lead to the updated content which is one big reason for announcing the 2014 updated information now available. Instead, you'll find the new stuff appearing under this title: "Ranking Certifications (2014 Edition)." Essentially, it rolls up the information previously contained in Parts 1 and 2 into a single article, and provides updated information on the results of our most recent survey and analysis.

In the rankings, 101 certifications from the following 34 companies are represented

Companies and Organizations from 2014 Cert Rankings
Adobe GRC Certify Microsoft
Apple Help Desk Institute MongoDB
ASIS HP Novell
Brocade IBM Oracle
Check Point iNARTE PMI
Cisco ISACA Red Hat
EC-Council Linux Professional Institute VMWare

Since the article has posted, I've heard from several readers asking why companies like EMC (good choice) and Cloudera Hadoop (good choice, but not much data available about that program just yet) do not appear. I'm happy to consider adding to this table, if I can find enough information to expand on its contents. If there are other requests for additions or changes, please post a comment to this blog post, the updated article, or send me an email through my contact page (I will respond to all input, but may or may not update the rankings accordingly).

Please check out the new 2014 rankings and the other IT Certification Success content. And do also share your comments, concerns, and suggestions on revisions, additions, or emendations to that material. Thanks!