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Rackspace Expands OpenStack Curriculum

As one of the "parents" of the OpenStack cloud software collection, Rackspace has long been active in training on this subject matter. A quick visit to the company's training pages this morning shows they've not been idle of late, and now offer no less than eight courses around OpenStack technologies.

The Rackspace training page is echoed and amplified in a PDF document that provides more details about the 8 courses currently on offer, so please turn to those resources for more details and information. The following table provides some key snippets of information to summarize what's available:

Rackspace Course Offerings for OpenStack
Title Duration (Days) Description
OpenStack Fundamentals 4 History and components, plus how to build and maintain an OpenStack environment.
Introduction to OpenStack 1 Information about OpenStack's history, community, core projects, and foundation.
OpenStack Compute Essentials 2 How to install and configure various OpenStack projects (Nova, Glance, Keystone, and Horizon).
OpenStack Object Storage Essentials 2 Covers components, architecture, installation, and maintenance of OpenStack Object Storage (aka Swift).
Hadoop on OpenStack 2 Bid Data in the cloud, including Apache Hadoop and its components plus deployment for OpenStack.
Security in the Cloud 2 How to develop and apply security in each virtual layer of the OpenStack environment.
OpenStack Networking -- Neutron 3 How to use the API to build and configure Neutron-based networking infrastructures.
Building Cloudy Apps 3 Covers critical DevOps skills, using Python to explore horizontal scaling, plus using APIs to scale resources for cloudy apps.

This is a very interesting and comprehensive OpenStack curriculum, with coverage of all the major project and components that make up the OpenStack environment. I'm hearing good things about these classes from previous attendees, too, so you'll want to check further into these offerings if learning more about (and using) OpenStack is on your career development agenda. And finally, if you want to see "what's to read" about OpenStack, please run this Amazon Search (title = "OpenStack").