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PITC Win-Win: Apply as an IT Cert Reviewer!

Every now and then, Pearson IT Certification (PITC) opens up a small number of slots for IT Certification Reviewers. These stalwart and enthusiastic IT pros gain free and early access to Pearson's cert prep materials of all kinds -- including books, videos, flash cards, and so forth -- in exchange for their candid and timely feedback. If you're already certified, or seriously engaged in pursuing IT certification, this is something that can give you a leg up on early credentials in your favorite programs, while also giving back to the IT cert community at large.

Sure there are hoops to jump through, but you might get free cert materials in exchange.

One becomes an IT Certification Reviewer for Pearson only by invitation, but first, one must fill out an application form to document knowledge, skills, and eligibility. There's a complete run-down on the site's Reviewer Program page, but here are the key highlights of the requirements and the process involved:

1. Product reviews must be complete within 45-60 days of their receipt, documented with postings to Amazon.com and one other online review site, with links back to the PITC product page.

2. Reviews must be "professional and thoughtful," but they should also be honest and forthright. Nobody says you have to praise anything not worth an accolade.

3. Candidates must submit an application and be accepted into the program before they qualify to receive free cert review materials. Submission is not a guarantee of acceptance, nor a "free ticket" to any and all free cert materials a reviewer might desire.

4. Candidates are selected to provide reviews based on their backgrounds, technology experience, prior certifications earned, and subject matter interests.

5. Reviewers can ask to be considered for specific topics, certs, or materials, but not all requests can be granted: "...final products for review will be chosen by Pearson IT Certification based upon the reviewer's area of expertise, interest, and the products scheduled for the program."

6. To remain an active member of the Community Voices program for PITC, individuals must meet the 45-60 day turnaround time for product reviews, and review at least one product within any given 24-month period.

7. Inside the USA, reviews get products in either digital or print format, as they prefer; outside the US, digital bundle downloads are most likely. Though reviewers may request international shipping for printed materials, they are treated as special requests, and such delivery cannot be guaranteed for all such items.

8. In addition to posting an Amazon review and a second review to another online location (blog, social media, website, and so forth), reviewers must also submit a PITC Product Review submission form to document their work. Part of the acceptance process includes an agreement for Pearson to use your product review statements in any manner or media without requesting your explicit permission. This can include publisher hosted web pages, or printed or online promotional materials, where your words may be edited for length/brevity/punctuation "so long as edits do not change the writer's intent or the spirit of your message."

If you can handle these hurdles, requirements, and agreements, joining the ranks of the reviewers could be a win for you with free and early access to cert materials, and the opportunity to provide candid and useful feedback to help others pursue the same certs that interest you. If you read this blog at all, and especially if you read it regularly, I have to believe you're a member of that target audience. Why not apply, and see what happens?

Good luck!