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Online Training Options for ITIL V3 Intermediate Certification

According to the ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme Brochure (available from the official ITIL Web site), ITIL candidates are allowed to attend either accredited instructor-led training (ILT) or accredited computer-based training (CBT) to fulfill their educational requirements for the ITIL V3 Intermediate certification.

In the event that you are fuzzy as to the requirements for attaining said ITIL V3 Intermediate credential (and don't feel bad if you are--the entire program is organized about as clearly as a mud-caked pane of glass), then please check out the following links before reading further on in this blog post:

Now, then: what's out there on the good ol' interwebs with regard to e-learning for ITIL V3 Intermediate?

Let me start by saving you some Googling and simply generating a list of some ITIL V3 Intermediate online training providers for you, after which I'll synthesize some of their commonalities for you:

What is interesting to me about the three aforementioned training providers is that their course delivery methodologies are all different. That is to say, itSM Solutions uses pre-recorded full-motion video; in other words, you are watching a previously recorded instructor-led training session.

With The Art of Service, you interact with e-learning modules that were developed from the ground up as e-learning modules.

Finally, Mountainview employs videoconferencing technology, giving the student the best of both worlds: live interaction with an instructor and other class attendees, as well as freedom from travel hassles.

If you know of any additional ITIL V3 Intermediate online training providers, would you please be so kind as to leave their names in the comments portion of this post for the benefit of us all? Thanks so much.

Happy studying!