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New Citrix Certs Are on the Way

On a quick reconnaissance visit to the Citrix certification site yesterday, I came across mention of several new up-and-coming credentials there. At the same time, I couldn't help but notice a whole new look and feel across the board for the entire certification program.

All of the details aren't yet available, though I've launched some queries with the Citrix Training and Certification organization, but here's what I know:

1. The program has been re-architected into CCE (Citrix Certified Expert), CCP (Citrix Certified Professional), and CCA (Citrix Certified Associate) tiers.

2. All three tiers have already been endowed with an Apps and Desktops (AD) track, so that we also have CCE-AD, CCP-AD, and CCA-AD credentials now available.

3. Sometime later this year (which probably means before Christmas, because nothing usually happens over the end-of-year holidays until after New Year's) Citx will launch a networking (N) track, beginning with CCP-N and CCA-N requirements. I'm guessing the CCE-N will come later, and may safely do so, because the preceding certs establish the first rungs of the ladder candidates must climb before advancing to CCE-N. The networking track seeks to identify individuals with skills and knowledge regarding NetScaler, Citrix's wildly popular load distribution handler, and is to include "implementation for app and desktop delivery, network performance and optimization, and security capabilities" as described on the Citrix cert homepage.

4. Mobility certifications are on the way for 2014, but little or no information is currently available. I'm assuming it, like Networking, will start out with CCA-M (if that ends up being the Mobility track designation) and CCP-M credentials, to be followed sometime later by a CCE-M as well. Only time will tell!

Lots of interesting changes are afoot, and I can't wait to learn more of the details about what's going on, and when new credentials will become available. Please count on me to keep you informed as such things get going.