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I've been researching some of the ins and outs of cloud computing lately, and it's really starting to come on gangbusters. In late November, 2011, CompTIA launched its Cloud Essentials entry-level cert, but if you look around you'll find lots of "cloud action" on all certification fronts.

On today's certification landscape, the clouds are often just part of the overall landscape, rather than an exclusive focus--except for all but a handful of credentials. In addition to the CompTIA Cloud Essentials , GoCertify lists only EMC certifications with "Cloud" in their names:

  • EMC Cloud Infrastructures and Services Associate (CIS)
  • EMC Cloud Architect Specialist (EMCCA Track)
  • EMC Cloud Architect Expert (EMCCA Track)

My own research turns up the following additional cloud-imbued credentials

In addition, numerous primary and third party sources express their opinions that other certs that don't include "cloud" as part of their designations also include substantial cloud coverage and content:

  • Red Hat offers a Premier Cloud Provider designation to service providers rather than individuals
  • The Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) credential incorporates lots of cloud-related topics, tools, and technologies
  • Microsoft has a page that currently points to existing certs, but that claims that other "cloud certifications" are coming soon; they also offer numerous free cloud-related courses and training materials at their Virtual Academy
  • The Open Group Certified Architect (Open CA) credential includes significant cloud content
  • All of the various VMware credentials make at least some mention of clouds, but their more senior certs spend some time in their folds and crannies, especially the VCAP and VXDX certs (see the VMware cert page)

I suspect this is just the first wave of a whole raft of cloud-specific and -inclusive certifications making their way onto the scene. Looks like this is a HUGE growth area, with lots of room for aspiring IT professionals looking to get their heads around something complex and interesting.