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Hey there. You are doubtless familiar with Pearson IT Certification’s exam profile article series; in case you are not, these brief essays provide you with the core “need to know” facts concerning a single IT certification exam. The good news I have to bring to you today is that Pearson IT Certification just released the first 4 of 20 video-based exam profiles!

About Video Profiles

The video profiles are written by industry experts and Pearson/Cisco Press authors, including David Prowse, Wendell Odom, and David Hucaby. We hope that you will find them insightful. As a side benefit to the information contained in the video podcasts, you will find helpful links on the video profile home pages that point you to associated Pearson IT Certification/Cisco Press learning products.

How to Get ‘Em

Here are direct links to the first four video exam profile podcasts:

Please check back to the Pearson IT Certification article index periodically to check for new content. Alternatively, the video exam profiles are available through iTunes, in the OnCertification channel. Happy studying!