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As you might have noticed, we have been developing a series of articles for this site with Ed Tittel and Mary Kyle that discuss general certification and career development topics. We have recently launched a page that puts all this great advice together for you in a single location.

The new IT Certification Success page is a repository of incredibly useful information and insider advice from one of the leading certification authors and trainers, Ed Tittel. There is a wealth of great data in these articles that helps you understand the value of various certification tracks, both to yourself and to potential employers.

One of the articles, "Ranking Certifications, Part 2: The Ratings," provides you with an up to date chart of the 86 most popular IT career certifications from 28 different vendors, ranking everything from cost, time to complete, number of exams, experience level, potential return on investment, etc. This chart is sorted both alphabetically by vendor and by overall cert value ranking. This is a great way to understand how the certifications you are evaluating stack up against other industry certifications.

In addition to providing information that helps you identify the right certification to pursue, this resource includes expert tips and tricks to help you prepare for your exams. It also includes information on how to leverage these valuable credentials once you have achieved your certification. You'll find loads of advice on networking and job searches as well as detailed descriptions of what ideal job candidates look like for various positions.

If you are wondering what IT certification might be right for you, how to best prepare for your certification exam, or how to leverage your experience and credentials to land a new job or promotion, I would highly recommend you check out our new IT Certification Success page.

Oh, and as an added bonus, Ed has agreed to blog on this page, so you'll also get continual updates on the IT certification market and new career development advice every week!