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High-Level View of Adobe Professional Certifications

By  Sep 22, 2008

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This is the inaugural post of a series that puts the Adobe Certification program in the middle of my crosshairs. For a variety of reasons, all of which you will become familiar with in time, I have had a problem with Adobe certification. Let us begin by examining their program from the highest possible level.

Beef #1 Change of Die

My biggest complaint with the Adobe Certification program is that the Web site has changed very little over the past several years. The entire program, as a matter of fact, has changed.

This tells me that certification means very little to the good people at Adobe. Perhaps its certification department is the proverbial "red-headed stepchild" of the company. More likely, certification represents such a low revenue stream for Adobe that is just isn't worthwhile for them to put much emphasis in that direction.

Their certification Web site is stagnant, y'all. Especially when you compare it to the whiz-bang POP of some other Adobe sites such as these:

Do you see what I mean. A DRAMATIC difference in focus and content.

Beef #2: The Organization of the Page is Confusing

I have been to the Adobe Certification site hundreds of time and I still fumble around trying to find program requirements. It is very, very hard to see at-a-glance what the Adobe certifications are, for heaven's sake. Here they are, by the way:

  • Adobe Certified Associate (ACA): Entry-level competency with a single Adobe product
  • Adobe Certified Expert (ACE): Expert-level competency with several Adobe products
  • Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI): Ability to teach others to use Adobe products

However, if you check out this page, you will see contradictory information, that tells us the following:

There are two types of certification from Adobe: Adobe Certified Expert or Adobe Certified Professional.

Uh...hello? I thought you said that the two types of Adobe certification were the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) and the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)?

Didn't I tell you that Adobe isn't paying attention to their certification program?

Don't worry, though, friends. In future blog posts this week I will walk you through the process as cleanly as we can given the mud that Adobe has provided us with.

Take good care.