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Here come the Windows 8 MS certs!

By  Oct 17, 2012

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Having recently been hired to tech edit two different Windows 8 cert exam titles, I'm in a better position than most to know that books and study aids for the new crop of MCSA and MCSE exams will be arriving fairly soon online and in bookstores. The shape of the Windows 8 credentials is also starting to clarify further as well.

The MSCA on Windows 8  requires taking and passing two exams:

  • Exam 70-687: Configuring Windows 8
  • Exam 70-688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8

As the incurably curious among you will have already discovered, though both exams come with hyperlinks, only the link to the first exam (70-687) actually leads somewhere useful as I'm writing this blog post. The second exam isn't available just yet, so the link will remain in limbo until MS actually posts the related material (all exam pages use the same format URLs so I'm quite sure what's there will work, but only after it is posted). I'm in touch with MS Learning to get more information on 70-688 but haven't been able to learn anything additional about this upcoming exam just yet. Stay tuned!

The MCSE on Windows 8 is actually called MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure. It requires earning the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 (three exams, except for those who qualify for a one-exam upgrade) as a pre-requisite plus two additional exams:

  • 70-415: Implementing a Desktop Infrastructure
  • 70-416: Implementing Desktop Application Environments

 As I write this blog on 10/17/2012, Windows Server 2012 has been released for almost six weeks (it became generally available on 9/4/2012), so it should come as no surprise that ALL of the exams necessary for the MCSA and MCSE credentials mentioned in this paragraph are already available. The only reason I figure that the 70-688 exam is still slightly out-of-the-picture is that MS has another 8 or 9 days before Windows 8 is also generally available (there's some disagreement as to whether that date is 10/25 or 10/26, so I'm assuming 10/26 myself).

The books, Exam Crams, practice tests, and other stuff that supports certification study shouldn't be too terribly much further behind, either. I expect most of this stuff to start hitting the marketplace some time after New Year's, early in 2013.