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My good friend, colleague, and fellow IT certification expert Anne Martinez has run a great IT certification site called www.GoCertify.com for as long as I can remember. In the past week, she's launched an effort there called "Make Certification Better" that promises to provide useful news, information, and answers to questions from which anybody interested in IT certification can benefit.

What you'll find in this collection of information and Q&As, plus polls and results -- all related to IT certification -- is a series of insightful queries and replies, as well as polls that seek to capture items of both concern and interest to IT professionals. Anne and I are posting here regularly, as are numerous other well-known players in the IT certification space. You can visit Make Certification Better any time you like to check the current traffic, chatter, and polls out, but here's a current snapshot of what's there:


    1. Most important recent changes in the IT Certification landscape?
    2. What are the best aspects of IT certification right now?
    3. What are the top issues holding down the value of IT certifications right now?
    4. Are certification exams delivered online fair?
    5. Do job postings indicate demand for certifications?
    6. Which IT certification programs are best?


    1. Can It certifications be made more valuable?
    2. Who offers the best IT certification programs?
    3. Do you know anyone who's cheated on a certification exam?

This site promises to be a great resource for anybody interested in IT certification. I urge everybody who reads this blog to check this new resource out, and if possible, to add their two cents' worth to the mix!