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Establish a Professional Online Presence with LinkedIn

By  Jul 9, 2014

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Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has become THE PLACE to present and promote oneself professionally online, particularly for those who labor in the technology patch -- including IT professionals. But even with over a decade of exposure, familiarity and use, lots of IT pros can benefit from a rethinking of their LinkedIn profiles, and a more calculated strategy for providing profile content, managing postings, and promoting one's individual and professional brand online.

This month, Pearson author Matthew Moran (whose excellent book:  Building Your I.T. Career: A Complete Toolkit for a Dynamic Career in Any Economy, 2nd Edition provides all kinds of useful and interesting info for IT pros) has posted an article on PITC entitled "The IT Consultant's Guide to Using LinkedIN for Business Development." Readers will find all kinds of useful tips and tricks there to help them rework and beef up their LinkedIn profiles and presence, along with some good explanations as to why LinkedIN is best understood as what Moran describes as "a business network first and a social network second." He also provides some excellent explanations and examples of why connections matter, and how quality (and meaningfulness) trumps quantity every time.

For those inclined to dig in more deeply, there's even a page on LinkedIn called "How to write a killer LinkedIn profile" that specializes in tips, tricks, articles and information on how to boost and improve upon one's LinkedIn presence. Visit this page to find regularly updated tips, news, and information on the subject. You may also want to check out the latest edition of the book of the same name (How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Profile... And 18 Mistakes to Avoid: 2014 Edition [e-book only]) to get more information on the subject as well.

In fact, you'll find a surprising number of book titles available on this subject, as the 43 results returned for this Amazon search will immediately confirm. I'd suggest researching free information available online to get yourself oriented, and then perhaps picking one or two of the titles in this list of potential candidates to dig into and follow into a course of improvement and enhancement for your own LinkedIn profile. This goes double (or perhaps even triple) if you're thinking about making any career moves in the next 12-18 months.