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CompTIA Mobility Certs Nearing Completion

By  Jun 19, 2013

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For the past year, and a bit more, CompTIA has been busy working on two new mobility oriented certifications. That effort is about to bear fruit: the CompTIA Mobility+ and CompTIA Mobile App Security+ credentials should become available before the end of 2013.

New Certs get new logos, too.

About Mobility+
Aimed at IT professionals who support mobile devices -- increasingly part of "the job" in the era of BYOD -- this cert seeks to validate skills and knowledge needed to deploy and manage an IT environment that incorporates mobile devices. Special emphasis is placed on enabling usability and ensuring proper security (including threat mitigation, data loss prevention, secure remote communications, and more). A separate version of the exam will be available for iOS and Android, including coverage of specific platforms, software environments, and so forth. Both of these exams are currently in beta test, and are expected to go commercial by the end of the summer, in either August or September, 2013.

About Mobile App Security+
Where Mobility+ targets IT professionals in administrative roles, Mobile App Security+ targets mobile app developers. The goal is to make sure developers understand best practices and appropriate tools and technologies for building secure mobile apps, and for testing those apps to make sure they're as safe and secure as possible. The home page says the exams "cover... the skills required to securely create a native iOS or Android mobile application, while also ensuring secure network communications and backend web services." This exam is still in development, so the beta won't be out until this fall. Nevertheless, the exam is supposed to go live before the end of 2013.

Here's a shout-out to Anne Martinez, whose recently revived IT Certification Watch newsletter brought this information to my attention. Thanks, Anne!