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CompTIA Exam Coming Up? Voucher Discounts!

If you're planning to take a CompTIA exam sometime between now and (at least) April 30, 2015, you'll want to check into discount exam vouchers now available at the PearsonITCertification.com website. Given that most CompTIA exams cost $200 and up (a select few are cheaper, many are more expensive) the 10% discount on offer is worth at least 20 bucks per exam. Check it out!

Here's a snapshot of the exams for which the discount is available:

The "Holy Trinity" plus HIT+

All three of CompTIA's most popular exams -- namely A+, Network+, and Security+, often called the "holy trinity" of CompTIA certs -- are included in this offer, as well as the increasingly popular Healthcare IT Technician exam (sometimes also called HIT+ in keeping with typical CompTIA exam naming, though that's not an official designation). Learn more about the offer and its restrictions and limitations at the 10% discount CompTIA exam vouchers page. Better yet, you'll also find links to online resource centers for each exam topic (click on any icon below to access the corresponding web page/resource center):

This is a pretty darn good deal, and it's not going to last forever. It’s up to CompTIA how long this offer will last, but informed sources at Pearson believe it will be around for some time yet. Even so, why take the chance that this offer will expire before you can exercise it? Order your applicable CompTIA exam vouchers today!