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Cisco's Career Toolkit & Webinars: Worth Visiting

By  Apr 8, 2015

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In perusing the Cisco Learning pages this morning, I came across a wealth of "IT Careers" offerings, including a very nice set of videos (both instructor-led training and pre-recorded Webinars) that provide career guidance as well as certification prep content. In this blog post, I provide more information about what's available, along with some hopefully helpful links.

29 videos from 5 - 25 minutes long, chock full of cert & career advice!

What you'll find among the two-dozen-plus videos on the IT Career Toolkit, Advice Videos and Webinars page is broken into two major headings: Create Your Career Take-Away Toolkit (3 videos on resumes, recruiting, interviewing, and other job acquisition skills), and Create Your IT Career (26 videos further broken down by subheads on Network Resume Writing [3 videos], Evolution of the Network Engineer Job Role [4 videos], Preparing for Certification [5 videos], Post-Certification Career Advancement Techniques [3 videos], Build a Professional Brand [4 videos], Build Connections & Make Contacts [3 videos], and Tips for Changing Careers [4 videos]. All told, this collection includes more than 7 hours of video content and training material.

The "Prep fo Certificaiton" and "Post-Certification" items are particularly interesting and make a nice counterpoint to my PITC e-book available at this site "Ed Tittel's IT Certification Success", which covers much of the same ground from a completely general perspective. As you'd expect, Cisco's coverage is a bit more focused on its own tools and technologies, but worth auditing nevertheless.

Please check this collection out, if you work in IT, or if you're thinking about working in IT and are interested in IT certification. This goes double if your interests in IT certification include one or more Cisco credentials.