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I've been poking around the Cisco Learning Network web pages lately, and finding lots of good stuff there. The Cisco Certifications Community Manager goes by the online handle of Adrie (aka "Cert Gal"), and she has been a very busy bee with over 2,600 points awarded for many, many posts in this arena. My blog for today is about a post updated yesterday (9/27/2011) entitled "Take Your Exam."

"Take Your Exam" provides all the details you need about Cisco exams, including exam registration, contacting Pearson VUE to schedule (and pay for) a Cisco exam, general pointers to exam information, and the best and clearest collection of pricing information for Cisco exams in one place that I've ever seen anywhere. Here's a sample snippet for an example:

You'll also find valuable information about Cisco/Vue promotions that can occasionally pay discount dividends on Cisco exams, and a comprehensive description of the exam retake process, rules, and regulations.

If there's a Cisco exam in your future, this is a terrific resource that you will find incredibly useful. Otherwise, you may find yourself jumping hither and thither around the Cisco cert Web pages. But here, you'll find all of the important info (and links to more) in one easily-accessible place: add it to your favorites or bookmarks, pronto!