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Cisco Press Sweepstakes for Cisco Live! 2013 on until June 30

Those crazy marketing mavens at Cisco Press (a Pearson Education imprint that specializes in technical education and certification coverage for that well-known networking vendor) have come up with a new promotion. This time, it's for a subsidized trip to Cisco Live! in the USA next year (2013), to be held in Orlando, FL, from June 24-27.

Jump over to Facebook to access the registration page, where you'll find everything you need to know except for the location and dates for this upcoming extravaganza (but I shared that info in the opening paragraph of this post). For those who don't already know, Cisco Live! is the company's regular and roving annual trade show, usually held at some "nice location" in Europe (next year, it's London), the Pacific Rim (next year, it's in Melbourne, Australia), and the USA (and I already told you about that one, too). In addition to opportunities to hear from and interact with Cisco employees, you'll also find lots of educational venues, labs, demonstrations, and keynotes to attend there as well.

One very lucky grand prize winner for this sweepstakes gets a free registration to Cisco Live! (a $1,000-plus value), a $1,000 Amex gift card to cover travel and lodging, and any three print or eBooks of his or her choosing from the Cisco Press website. An additional still-lucky nine second place winners will have to forgo the travel money and trade show visit, but they too, can pick any three Cisco Press books they might like in print or eBook form.

Even though it's hot in Orlando in June, it's still a pretty nice place to be. And interested IT professionals will have the chance to check out the latest Cisco and partner products and services, sign up for seminars and labs, and hopefully, spend a little quality time poolside with a favorite beverage as well!