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Book Announcement: vSphere 4.1 HA and DRS Deepdive

Hey everyone. I just wanted to announce what will doubtless become a landmark text for VMware professionals: vSphere 4.1 – HA and DRS Deepdive, by Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman.

Duncan Epping is a VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) and a cloud practice consulting architect based in the Netherlands. Duncan runs the highly popular and informative blog Yellow-Bricks. In fact, you should read the following blog post to get Duncan’s personal take on his upcoming title:

Yellow Bricks: Soon in a book store near you! HA and DRS Deepdive

Frank Denneman, who works as a Senior Consultant working for VMware as part of the Professional Services Organization, also chimed in on the upcoming book in his blog (the entry is a repost of Duncan’s essay, but pay attention to the comments):

Frank Denneman Blog: VSphere 4.1 – HA and DRS Deepdive Book

Here is an excerpt from Duncan’s blog post in which he describes the principal audience of the book:

The primary audience for the book is anyone interested in high availability and clustering. There is no prerequisite knowledge needed to read the book however, the book will consist of roughly 220 pages with all the detail you want on HA and DRS. It will not be a “how to” guide, instead it will explain the concepts and mechanisms behind HA and DRS like Primary Nodes, Admission Control Policies, Host Affinity Rules and Resource Pools. On top of that, we will include basic design principles to support the decisions that will need to be made when configuring HA and DRS or when designing a vSphere infrastructure.

You can read a sample chapter from vSphere 4.1 – HA and DRS Deepdive (“VMware High Availability Constructs”) by visiting the PearsonITCertification Web site.

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