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Big Data and Data Analytics: Topics Ripe for Certification

As the cloud has taken over the computing world, and zottabytes of storage no longer evoke a "Huh?" and a blank stare from most people, tools and technologies based on the huge amounts of data that organizations and businesses routinely accumulate have become commonplace. The next step, of course, is for companies and organizations with stakes in such things to make certifications available. Then, IT professionals can demonstrate their skills and knowledge, hiring managers and HR professionals can assess them, and certification sponsors can revel in the creation of an active aftermarket (and reduced support costs) for the tools and technologies that make it all possible. And in fact, a suprising number of credentials now fall under this general heading, especially if you include business intelligence and data mining into the mix (as many experts do)

Data mining, analytics and business intelligence drive significant business activity nowadays.

I went spelunking online to see who's currently involved in this game, and came away pleasantly surprised (and a little overwhelmed) at the large numbers of players involved. Here's a list with some links to help you explore more of the offerings in this space, organized alphabetically by sponsor name:

This is just what I was able to turn up in half a day's looking around. I'm sure there is plenty of stuff I've missed. If you know what some of that stuff might be, please e-mail me at ed at edtittel dot com, and send me your suggested additions (be sure to put "blog post additions" in your message subject line to get past my spam filter). I'll keep adding to this and over time, a pretty comprehensive directory of offerings in this arena should emerge from our collective efforts. Thanks in advance for your contributions!

[Note: I also found a great Data Scientist blog while I was poking around: it's from James Kobelius at IBM, and it's called "The Big Data Hub" (aside from the obvious pro-IBM stance it takes, it's got lots of good information on this area to offer).]